Image selection and editing

One of the most time consuming and stressful parts of our work is the image selection and processing side of things.

I now offer this as a limited availability service to other profressional photographers.


– Image selection / culling options £100 / £150

  • Single pass image selection removing duplicates, test shots and blinkers with the approach of handing you back the xmp files which reflect a larger than final number of images. (Leaving you open to artistic license over which final image to use). Images can be graded as red or with a star rating – £100
  • Dual pass image selection. As above, but a second pass will be made. The result will be a selection of images with 2 ratings. One reflecting the first pass, the second reflecting the tighter selection allowing you to over rule a choice I made easier than digging out a different file later. Delivered via XMP – £150
  • Turnaround times are usually less than 48 hours from when the images are received. If the ETA is expected to take longer then I’ll advise before taking on the cull. You can send the orignal files or compressed DNG files with full sized jpeg previews embedded.


– Image editing 75p per image (full panel)

  • This is a full service with the images edited via Lightroom and Photoshop. All tools are used as seen fit, radial filters, cropping, brush tools, tone curves, gradients etc. This is a premium service for the full set of wedding images only and yes, I will remove fire exit signs where I can. The ethos being that you should get your photos back, edited and ready to deliver to the client with no need to make further changes or corrections.
  • The images will be edited to reflect my editing style and that alone. I won’t edit your photos in any way that differs to mine because, (as someone who’s also been at the sharp end of outsourcing) I really believe that no editor can ever match your exact look.
  • This is a 1-2 week service based around the time of year and availability is limited. I’ll need the images sent over as a lightroom catalogue with smart previews attached. Wetransfer, Dropbox or memory cards are fine.


– Other information

  • While I edit the files in my own style, (which is natural and vibrant) you can specify a raw develop profile, tone curve and presets before I start the edit. Things like VSCO I wouldn’t be able to add as it clashes with my editing style.
  • This service is exclusively for working professional wedding photographers for wedding images or couple shoots only. I do reserve the right to turn away work if your style is very different to mine.
  • All hard drives / memory cards are returned via recorded services and the cost of doing so is included with the pricing above. As is vat.
  • Any files received are deleted after completion however I will keep the xmp files for a set period of time in case you need them again.
  • I believe in full privacy. Your images will never be used as an example on this site or anywhere else.