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Photographing Iceland
One Photographers big trip around the Island

Welcome to Iceland

Welcome, to my several years in the making, rough guide to traveling, camping and shooting in Iceland. It’s by no means comprehensive but it covers my experiences and thoughts so far.

This sprawling country of black and white. This brutal, unforgiving country. This land of absolute and complete solitude. There is nowhere quite as beautiful, bewitching or humbling as Iceland.

Jokulsarlen Iceberg LagoonThis post covers a photographic journey that started a few years ago when I first discovered this land of fire and ice. I wanted a quick break, some time away and a little solitude. What I found took my breath away. With all the snow, I found myself looking at an alien landscape, windswept and archaic but immensely beautiful at the same time.

'The Chocolate Brownie' - Part of the Peninsula near GrindavikOn my first trip I arrived in late November, collected my car from Keflavik Airport and headed to the apartment in Reykjavik (I used Apartment K) and settled down for the night before my drive to Vik beach the next day.