The Andaz Hotel
Jonathan & Stuart

How couples find and book me has always been of interest. I don’t really advertise, so mostly my bookings come via referrals from previous weddings (and that’s the biggest compliment I can get). With Jonathan and Stuart they found me through a blog post I wrote several years back about cameras. They contacted me and the rest is history.

Stuart is a Scotsman living in the USA with Jonathan and they both flew over for their wedding at the Andaz Hotel in London.

The flow of the day was different from the standard running order. There was the usual prep but then we went in for a reveal / first look before heading out to the Royal Exchange for photos pre-ceremony. This worked really well as doing so meant more time with their guests during the reception.

We also made good use of the Masonic Temple for a cool wedding party photo before dinner and the dancing that followed. The Andaz has beautiful decor in the bars and reception, it’s ever-changing and even at night offered up some excellent backdrops and colours for photos in the evening.

Here are some more images from their day:

Tipi Wedding Photography in London

Shiplake Church and a Four Hat Tipi Wedding
Keli & Mark

Tipi Wedding PhotographyA massive party. That’s how I would sum up Keli and Marks tipi wedding.

They had a gorgeous four hat tipi which was only a couple of minutes away from Shiplake church ( in Henley on Thames ). There were two of us covering their wedding, I was covering Keli’s side and Greg the photographic Ninja was covering Mark’s.

We both had a lot of space to shoot in and there was lots of cool stuff surrounding us. The best wedding car I’ve yet to see, a classic american Thunderbird, blew my mind and as the prep was next to the Tipi it gave me the chance to look inside and imagine the awesomeness that was going to take place later on.

Tipi Wedding Photography

I headed off to the church where Greg was waiting for me and I waited for Keli to arrive. After the ceremony Greg rode shotgun back to the reception with the other guests on a trailer pulled by a tractor!

While this was happening we made a brief detour to the waterside where Mark originally proposed and had some photo time there. We didn’t stay too long, enough to get the photos we needed and not too long their guests would miss them.
Tipi Wedding Photography

From this point the party started, the formalities were over and we could all relax, (other than the speeches but they were handled with ease)!

A Tipi wedding is typically a relaxed and more informal one and dinner was a carvery per table, each with it’s own nominated head carver and as the night drew in their band ‘Tetris’ kept things going until past midnight when we also finished too.

Donnington Grove Wedding

Donnington Castle and Donnington Grove
Gemma & Carl

Donnington Castle WeddingTechnically we broke into the grounds of Donnington Castle. Technically. Although let me explain before I get an angry call from the folks who own it.

Above you’ll see Gemma and Carl. They were married at Donnington Grove around the end of April and always spent days and dates out on the castle grounds. So we needed to be there on their wedding day. No excuses.

Donnington Castle WeddingIf, and I mean if you’re careful there is a back entrance to the castle via Donnington Grove. Driving that way isn’t going to be an exhaust pipes best friend and with Gemma and Carl in the car I did have a kicking soundtrack of SCRAPE! from underneath my car followed by dulcet ‘oohs’ and ‘ouch’ from my accomplices.

Donnington Castle WeddingIt wasn’t House and Garage but my car could well of ended up in one but the reward was worth the risk:


So lets roll back through the day a bit.

I’ve never covered a wedding at Donnington Grove before and I’d not visited either until a couple of weeks before where I’d arranged to meet Gem and Carl.

French Chateau Wedding Photography

Chateau de Reignac
Kate & Steven

Chateau de Reignac WeddingShooting a wedding abroad is always different. You’re in a foreign country, you hope the Sat Nav is correct and you get all excited over what is often your first time at a venue and what cool stuff will be there to shoot.

Until Kate and Steven’s wedding in the Loire Valley I’d not been to Chateau de Reignac, or the Loire.

One of the main observations I mentioned to my wife Laura was that it’s not a valley in the traditional sense (I had visions of standing upon high surveying the area) – but no, it’s an area of France which is full of vineyards and fields upon fields of sunflowers along the roads and beyond. It’s actually quite flat and it’s incredibly peaceful.

Chateau de Reignac WeddingKate and Steven’s wedding was a relaxed and casual affair. Kate looked stunning in her Jenny Packham dress, the detail of which was gorgeous. Steven wore a bespoke number from a tailors in Brighton and together they looked a perfect couple.

The ceremony was held in the grounds of the Chateau de Reignac. There is a Chapel adjoining the main building. To access it you need to enter from outside however you can look down into it via a balcony in the Chateau.

One thing I noticed during the day was that in France the light falls differently. It’s prettier, more warming and subtle versus the UK. Looking back on the photos we took there is a different feel to them and they embrace you more.

Chateau de Reignac WeddingAs with all international and destination weddings we stay overnight and work until late. We had exceptionally clear skies above the Chateau grounds and spent extra time shooting the stars. Which certainly paid off.

The cutting of the Croquembouche was epic. I’ve never witnessed anything like it and as the evening wound down we made our way to bed and traveled home the following day.

Jeremy's Restaurant Wedding

Jeremys Restaurant
Laura & Andy

Jeremy's Restaurant Wedding
Laura and Andy’s wedding a Jeremys Restaurant was a particularly warm and emotional wedding, filled with hugs, laughter…. and a Spitfire.

There was so much to photograph at Laura and Andy’s wedding, I hardly knew where to begin. Jeremy’s really is a spectacular venue, combining a lively, modern feel with the backdrop of a traditional English country garden. But also, we were allowed to use the Gardens of Borde Hill right next door for photos too.

Laura wore a beautifully understated sleeveless white dress with lace for the straps and at the top of the bodice. Her Dad and new husband went for traditional suits and waistcoats.

Jeremy's Restaurant WeddingOne of the highlights was the Spitfire display.

If you’re going to get a Spitfire to fly over and around your wedding it really helps to work at Gatwick.

I knew about this surprise, it was to follow right after the formals however you know, planes, never know where they are exactly when you’re on the ground taking photos but if there ever a memorable thing from the day is was the moment Laura shouted everyones attention and told them to look up to the skies.

Just as her hand reached out and up pointing to the blue sky…the Spitfire flew over, LOUD and LOW

It flew around for over ten minutes and was really nice to see. Much more than I had envisioned it.

Jeremy's Restaurant WeddingThe vine-covered walkway at Jeremy’s was a great romantic spot for taking some shots of Laura and Andy as Mr and Mrs, and, because I was able to be there all day I also managed to get a great image of the two of them against the inky night sky.

The reception was in the adjacent Marquee with shades of blue and as Laura and Andy go lots of National Trust gardens the table names were themed around them.

Notley Abbey Wedding Photography

Notley Abbey
Sarah & Ian

Notley Abbey Vintage Wedding‘Our first date was at Costa’ was one of the things Sarah said to me during their engagement shoot last month. ‘They’re also making our wedding cake because of it’.

And this they did, Costa made them a huge wedding cake!

Sarah and Ian were married a couple of weeks ago at St Mary’s in Haddenham with their reception and evening do at Notley Abbey.

I love this place. I’ve covered a lot of the Bijou wedding venues but this is my favourite, I love the setting, the lavender the way the light falls, the river and it has some of the nicest staff in the industry.

Notley Abbey Vintage WeddingThis was a very colourful and stylish wedding. I’m guessing, but I think Sarah’s dress was a Jenny Packham number which was very classic and vintage in design. Her flowers were a lovely mix of pinks and whites with feathers in (something I don’t often see) and this was a lovely contrast between the vibrant getting ready colours of the dressing gowns in the morning.

It rained, but this added more to the day than it took away and halfway through the ceremony at St Mary’s church the sun came out and the skies cleared of cloud.

Notley Abbey Vintage WeddingOnce at Notley Abbey we took photos by the lake and then I was told about the hedge you can walk through…I always thought it was just a hedge but it’s more like a hedge with a tunnel and we had some photos there too.