Farbridge Barn, Chichester
Laura & Matthew

Hi everyone, I’m back. 2017 has been a crazy year with so many weddings that I’ve not written up any of them until now as I needed to focus on editing. I now have some free time so will be writing up this year’s awesomeness with a view to  keep you all warm this winter. Stay tuned, but with added brrr.

Laura and Matt’s wedding in early April (I said it had been a while) at Farbridge Barns was a thoughtfully planned, colourful and detailed day. I started at Laura’s parents and was lucky to have lots of space and light to work with while Matt and the guys were getting ready at Farbridge itself. I’ll not forget how awesome Dad’s playlist was in every room as I worked, or the free cake and the company of Laura’s family dog as well as, to some extent, the goldfish. Who I named Nigel.

As soon as Laura was in her dress I made like a crazy person over to Farbridge where the final touches were being put into place and there we waited for Laura’s arrival in a VW Beetle and everyone else via Camper.

I’ve always loved the light and styling in the Farbridge ceremony area and with Laura and Matt’s additional decor it set the stage for a pretty special chain of moments that led to their first kiss as a married couple.

Confetti followed as did photos outside in a ‘it just happened to be there’ rapeseed field which injected some bursts of colour into the background.

Good times.

After dinner we had a little bit more photo time, the bouquet went into orbit and we all got ready for their first dance.

The level of detail at their wedding was immense, it complimented

Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Farnham Castle
Amy & Tom

Farnham Castle Wedding

Here’s Amy and Tom’s Wedding at Farnham Castle. They were married in early September and we were spoiled with so much on the day to shoot.

Amy got ready in the Gate house with the girls and the guys were with Tom up in the bridal suite were Laura also was, covering their prep.

This was a wedding that oozed attention to detail. From personalised stationery, individual bridesmaids dresses, festoon lighting outside, projection lighting inside, light up signs, a painted cake on an ornamental dresser as well as flowers everywhere you can be sure there was a lot to experience and enjoy here.

Farnham Castle Wedding

Their ceremony was held in the Lantern Hall. I’ve seen this set up in various ways but they had it arranged for the longest aisle, and at the end of it, a nervous Tom was waiting.

There were flowers everywhere, pom poms, vases with stems and the light cut through the windows just so. As if everything was lining up as it was meant to. Their friends gave readings and played music, Amy and Tom said their vows and we went outside for a flood of confetti on the Foxes stairs.

There was plenty going on outside for the guests, with lawn games, a Prosecco Bar and canapes were served all under the imposing stature of Farnham Castle and as we were so high up, the view for miles across Farnham itself.

Farnham Castle Wedding

We took this time to steal Amy and Tom away for photos. The weather like this, at this time of year is a gift so we headed of to the pretty scenery and background around the Castle. when we returned the Gatsby Girls were performing as an introduction to dinner.

It was a lovely, cosy fit in the Lantern Hall for dinner. The tables were arranged in three long banqueting lines, dinner was served, speeches followed and we then went outside for cocktail hour along the stone hall and the lawn itself.

St Barts Brewery Wedding

St Bart’s Brewery
Harriet & Steve

London Wedding at Mai MaisonHere is Harriet and Steve’s winter wedding from March. I knoi, I know March was 7 months ago I know but the thing is….it’s been a bit of a busy year this one. By the time I was ready to blog this I was full on into the wedding season.

Now though, the weather and the light is about the same so I guess I can show and tell this lovely couple with you.

I started their day at Malmaison in Smithfield. This is a pretty hotel with lots of neat decor everywhere. Harriet was getting ready in one of the suites and due to it’s proximity to their reception venue (St Barts Brewery) I was able to go back and forth for photos. I did fall a little bit in love with the old fashioned tungsten bulbs they had in the suite. You know, the ones with the glowing elements rather than the bright as the sun types.

Their guests were all congregating downstairs in the lobby of Malmaison ready to take a couple of routemasters to St John’s church in Hampstead where Steve was patiently waiting.

London Wedding at Mai MaisonThe first bus took the majority of the guests. The second one was taking us. But before then Harriet’s Dad had to come and get her, brolly in hand before they walked downstairs to the bus.

St John’s in Hampstead is beautiful. I loved the arches in the roof and the sense of space all around, the walk up to the doors is nice too. It was immensely helpful that I was able to move around a considerate amount in order to get the photos I needed to – the aisle Harriet walked down was lovely and long too.

After the ceremony a VERY happy Harriet and Steve walked out into their confetti and onwards to the buses where champagne was served for the return journey to St Barts Brewery.

London Wedding at Mai MaisonOnce back, we did some family photos in the shelter of Smithfield Market and headed off for Harriet and Steve’s couple shots.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

Manor by the Lake
Megan & Peter

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

This is Megan and Peter’s wedding at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.

Everything took place here, with the girls getting ready upstairs in the bridal suite with the guys downstairs in an area which had it’s own pool and football tables, jukebox and an honesty bar. So they were kept happy!

If you were to suddenly appear at this venue you’d think you were way out in the sticks away from everything but the reality is, you’re right on the fringes of the city with the motorway being 5 minutes away. It didn’t change the idillic setting though and you were surrounded by acres of grounds to enjoy as well as having the convenience of being easy to get to.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

We could see the guests arriving from the balcony and they made their way to the end of the path where the ceremony was going to take place outside by the gazebo.

Once dressed, Megan’s mum walked her down the long path leading her to Peter. You’ll see further along this post how pretty the aisle was and I loved the relaxed metal arches that designated the aisle. It really added to the ceremony.

After, we went for confetti outside the main entrance to the house with drinks in the gorgeous gardens there and I spent some time with everyone for their photos.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

I loved the gardens here, there was pretty everywhere and especially at the end of July, the summer heat hadn’t affected the flowers at all.

The main dining area in the adjoining building was a perfect space for their dinner, the fairy lighting really added to the atmosphere and assisted in adding to the photography. After speeches we dissappeared back into the main house to utilise the rock and roll room as well as the hallways running to it.

Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photography

Upwaltham Barns
Fliss & Alex

Upwaltham Barns Wedding Photography

I shot so many weddings last year I’m only really just getting around to blogging August – here is Fliss and Alex’s wedding at Upwaltham Barns.

They tied the knot near Fliss’ parents at St Andrews Church in Tangmere before heading to their reception at Upwaltham.

I was quite spoilt because we had a good two hours of reception time and as a result, were able to make full use of the grounds for photos without taking them away from their guests too much. The weather helped too and later in the evening just as the sun was low and warm in the sky we had a smaller session resulting in some really pretty and unique photos.

I stayed until the end of the night where they had a slightly dangerous sparkler send off and the day was done. Everyone had a lovely energy about them and it shows in the photos.

Here’s some more images from their day:

Rhinefiled House Hotel Wedding Blog

Rhinefield House Hotel
Kirsty & Chris

Rhinefield House Hotel Wedding Photography

Kirsty and Chris decided to get married in the picturesque New Forest with their ceremony at St. Luke’s Church in Burton following with their reception at the Rhinefield House Hotel.

This was a stunning location for a wedding and we made full use of the woodland later in the evening when the sun started to set…thanks to a fearless couple willing to jumping across a stream!

Rhinefield House Hotel Wedding Photography

Wiston House Wedding Photography

Wiston House
Kristina & Jamie

Wiston House Wedding Photography

Until Kristina and Jamies wedding my expereince of Wiston House weddings were always in the winter and as the venue has such lovely gardens in the summer months it was really good to be there in May.

Everything took place here but I arrived early to cover Jamie leaving a message for his Grandad on a hillside personal to him as well as some of the guys playing cricket before leaving to cover the bridal prep.

Their ceremony was in the Great Hall and afterwards we went off out through the conservatory for their reception and photos on the terraced lawns.

Everything was in bloom at this time of year from the floor to the treetops – there was blossom and pretty all over and in the evening we headed out for photos in the maze and watched the sun set.

Wiston House Wedding Photography

Dinner was held in the Library as a huge white dancefloor was laid out ready for the evening celebrations with shots, limbo dancing and all sorts of crazy.

St Barts Brewery Wedding Photography

Islington Town Hall and St Bart’s Brewery
Amy & Gavin

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

I love it when people lose the plot on a dancefloor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and you never can tell with each individual wedding I go to what’s going to happen.

Sometimes a wedding will have the ‘shuffle shuffle wave’ or the couple will dance like nobody is watching and everyone will jump in too.

Amy and Gavin’s wedding was the latter, it never really stopped from the first dance through until close!

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

Their wedding ceremony was as Islington Town Hall with their reception held at a favourite of mine, St Barts Brewery over in Smithfield.

It was November, a bit chilly, definitely windy but crisp and the sun kept saying hi! every now and again.

House Meadow Wedding Photography

The House Meadow
Charlotte & Sebastian

House Meadow Wedding

It just doesn’t want to stop raining does it? (Happy new year by the way), it’s total freakish weather right now and it all feels a bit angry out there.

So, let’s glance back at July when it was much nicer and we can drift into Charlotte and Sebastian’s wedding at The House Meadow in Biddenden.

Their wedding was a totally relaxed one with horseshoe throwing, a Coconut shy, swingball (YES!) and various other distractions for everyone to take part in.

House Meadow Wedding

I started the day at theirs with everyone getting ready and then headed off to the House Meadow there Sebastian was waiting. Once arrived the girls walked from the Horseshoe Barn past the meadow and up to the Gazebo where the ceremony took place.

I loved the seating arrangement here for some reason (see pics) maybe because it was different to most weddings or that it filled the frame well for photos but after the ceremony we walked over to the trees by the lake for popcorn and Pimms.
House Meadow Wedding

With dinner in the main barn Charlotte’s fondness of Tea showed in the vintage crockery and I did my best to make sure Sebastian’s love of Lego featured somewhere too.

Dinner was a lot like an open picnic on each table where everyone helped themselves and it was just, well, lovely really. You felt cosy, comfortable and welcome here.

Loudwater Farm Wedding

Loudwater Farm
Laura & James

This was my first wedding at Loudwater Farm in Rickmansworth and was the idillic setting for Laura and James’ wedding in May.

It was a lovely warm and sunny day, I started super early wih Laura for prep before heading to Rickmansworth Church where James was waiting.

A lot of the guests arrived via a single decker classic red bus which also took them to Loudwater Farm.

After the I’do’s we headed to the reception and made full use of the grounds. At this time of year everything was in bloom and downright pretty. You’ve the rustic charm of the barn, the river (which is shallow, but very cold) and the trees, ornate hedging and grasses in the backgrond. It’s perfect. The bridge was a lovely spot in particular!