St Barts Brewery Wedding Photography

Islington Town Hall and St Bart’s Brewery
Amy & Gavin

I love it when people lose the plot on a dancefloor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and you never can tell with each individual wedding I go to what’s going to happen. Sometimes a wedding will have the ‘shuffle shuffle wave’ or the couple will dance like nobody is watching and everyone will jump…

Wedding Photography Advertising Pt2

Advertising for the Wedding Photographer Part 2
Directories and ‘We’re from Google / Facebook / Some alien planet where reason doesn’t exist’

In this section I’m going to talk about my experience with cold calling Google / Facebook companies and Directories. In a way this section is in two parts but they do share some similar aspects worthy of one classification. Chapter 1: Wedding Magazines and Print Advertising Chapter 2: Directories and Cold Calls (You are here)…