Nonsuch Mansion Starry Night

Nonsuch Mansion and St Mary the Virgin Ewell
Emily & Dan

Nonsuch Mansion Wedding
Sometimes it can be hard to choose between colour photos and black and white – while the colour images capture every tiny detail of the day, there is something moody and romantic about a black and white image that works particularly well at a wedding. So with Emily and Dan, we decided to do both. Their wedding album is tonally rich, with a clutch of classic black and white shots selected to highlight a few special moments. We love the lush textures offered by the shadowy interior of the church, and some of our favourite black and white images were taken in St Mary Ewell before and during the ceremony.

Nonsuch Mansion WeddingBut outside, on the grounds of Nonsuch Mansion, the bright greens of the garden cannot be ignored. Emily and Dan looked

radiant against a backdrop of leafy shrubs and trees, and the never-ending lawns of the estate. Luckily, the weather was on our side so we were able to make the most of the scenery to capture some beautiful shots of the couple bathed in the Surrey sunshine.Nonsuch Mansion Wedding

Inside, at the reception, an elegant supper gave way to an energetic dance floor, as guests rushed to toast to the newly married couple and share in the happiness of the day under the chandeliers and domed ceilings of Nonsuch.

Outside, we were in for a real treat, as the evening sky put on an incredible display above the mansion. Emily and Dan spent their first evening of married life gazing up at a stunning sunset, followed by one of the clearest night skies you could ever see – and we captured it all for posterity, so that they can forever remember these natural, magical touches of their big day.