Canon EOS R Review for Wedding Photography

The Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera Wedding Photography Review
Part 1 – First Impressions

The Canon EOS R Review

*Canon EOS R Review Update 12th Feb 2019* – New firmware is out (v1.1.0) and this impacts some of my comments

Support for continuous shooting / burst mode in silent shutter
Corrects a phenomenon in which an error may occur if there is a large number of files in a specific format on the memory card.
Corrects a phenomenon in which an error may occur when silent shutter has been enabled.
Corrects a phenomenon in which horizontal linear noise may occur when using specific lenses together with certain recording image quality settings.
Corrects a phenomenon in which the information displayed in the viewfinder may become abnormal.

The Canon EOS R Review


Usually within a week of getting a camera that’s evolutionary or revolutionary for the system it’s contained within I’m there with my credit card and within a week I do a blog post singing it’s praises for being the greatest thing everrrr. I usually know when I see the specs that it’ll be a camera I love, enjoy and it’ll change my photography in a positive way.

The Canon EOS R camera though, that was a different experience. Three things held me back, the lack of a joystick and the single card slot. I just couldn’t see it elegantly fitting in with my current setup (2 x 5D4’s). Thirdly the general downplay by youtubers who weren’t really using it in a way that I would, which is weddings and portraiture.

Canon 5DSr review pt 1

The Canon 5DSr – Their best yet – Part 1 A hands on practical review for wedding photography



***Eos Mirrorless Update 20/01/2019 – Please check out my Canon EOS R Mirroless Review for my latest Canon review***

***Update 25/09/2016***

Since writing this post the Canon 5Div was released. Many people will come to this page asking about the 5DSr vs the 5Div – I have purchased two and will have a write up ready just as soon as I have the time. In short, I am keeping my 5DSr as a backup camera while running two 5Div’s for my work. It would be great to say there’s a stark difference between the two but I have to put some serious testing through the iv’s first.

On the surface though, the 5Div has better shadows, but not by much because the 5DSr already beat the 5D3 in that respect by a fair amount. The Canon 5Dsr not only has more resolution but also sharper images due to the AA canceling filter and while the 5Div has better noise performance how much so…I’m not so sure on as the 5DSr has smaller pixels and in turn, much smaller, finer grain. The real differences between the 5DSr and the 5Div are in the live view, that is a huge leap. But the AF performance through the viewfinder is pretty much the same between both bodies and the 5Dsr is a lot lower in price right now. The 5Div vs the 5Diii is a massive improvement however and if you don’t need 50mp and have the funds available then the 5Div is the body to get.


I’m going to start this review by saying that I’m not sponsored or supported by any manufacturer. Sure, it would be nice to find a surprise camera in the post but whenever I write these sort of reviews it’s to cut through some of the hype, mystery and herd mentality that populates the internet.

A lot of opinions about cameras are from people with no real world day to day use and who do not operate at a professional level.

The Canon 5DSr is very, very good and I’m no longer considering jumping brands to Nikon as a result. That’s the short of it and what follows is the long.

Firstly, here is the list of cameras I have experience with:

  • The Canon 40D, 7D, 5D I, II and III, the Canon 1Ds3, the 1DIV and the 1DX.
  • The Pentax 645z (Which I will touch upon in this review). My 645z Review is HERE.
  • The Sony A7ii with and without native lenses.
  • The Olympus OMD EM-5 and the Fuji Xpro-1
  • The Mamiya RZ67 ProIID (Film), the Mamiya 645DF+ (Film and Digital using the Phase P25 back).
  • All three Sigma DP Merill cameras (worth a go as they are excellent value for money).
  • The Hasselblad H1 with film and a Leaf Aptus 22 back, the H3DII 39 and finally the H4D50.

As someone who shoots manually and in RAW 100% I do not use any features that affect the image output. No noise reduction, Highlight Tone Priority or anything like that. I want my files as pure as possible straight from the camera.

by Chris Giles Photography by Chris Giles Photography[/caption]

There were many reasons why I bought the 5DSr. I shoot about 50 weddings a year, very long days are involved and my usual setup was a Canon 5D3 on my left and a Canon 1DX on my right. I use all the L series primes and zooms from 14mm through to 200mm and I’ve always been very happy with this setup.

That being said, the constant weight of the 1DX was starting to cause problems and despite being a camera which was ‘always there before I was’ this speed was becoming the only reason I continued to use it, that and the ability to program the buttons into custom settings.

cgpr0194The 5D3 was good but imperfect in that I had a 12 shot raw only buffer which was ok but always seemed to fall short at the worst time. This was down to the write speed of the camera, fire a high speed burst on a 5D3 without cards and it keeps on shooting… and doesn’t stop. I wasn’t forever shooting in burst mode but I was always hitting the buffer. The 5DSr can do 18 in a burst even though it reports 12 because of the speed it can clear the buffer and even when the buffer is full you still get 2 fps. Considering this is pushing 50mp files that’s a big jump. Shooting Mraw (28mp) gets you even more (around 22 and 2-3 fps).


Then of course there was the sensor which at the time was great but compared to what is now available is starting to age a little. That being said it’s more often mentioned by the pixel peepers of this world and I’ve never had a bride and groom complain about sensor banding, they seem much more concerned that I got a picture of Grandma when she was Moonwalking to Billie Jean. It’s not like older cameras stop working when a new one comes out or anything.


I mostly ignored the 5Ds announcement. I had the opinion of ‘nice, but no cigar’ and continued to drool over the a7rii instead, a camera I’ll cover and one I intend on explaining why I’m not interested in it further down.

645z download page

Pentax 645z Raw File download page

Download Raw Files for the Pentax 645z here

I’ve made over 100 uncompressed Pentax 645z DNG files available for download.

The total combined file size comes in a 5.4gb. Because of the amount of bandwidth such file transfers use I kindly ask for a token payment towards the cost of hosting them.

The cost is 5 GBP

Here are the details of the images supplied:

  • Brighton Seafront (12 images)
  • Caroline and Davids Wedding (26 images)
  • Portraits (2 Pentax, 2 Hasselblad H4D50 for CCD vs CMOS)
  • Mixed (4 images that miss classification)
  • Raven and Zak’s Wedding (33 images)
  • Woodland Walk at Sunset (8 images)
  • Three shoots in Sheffield National Park (16 images)

Some of these images will come with adjustments already applied, just hit reset in Lightroom to restore them to their out of camera versions.

These images are also ‘warts and all’ and I’ve done my best to give you under exposed, over exposed and tricky focus situations along with situations suffering from flare.


Here are some thumbnails of the images included: