College Farm Norfolk Wedding

College Farm Norfolk
Laura, Adam…. and Jack Brock – Confetti Pony

Here is Laura and Adam’s big bash from early May at College Farm in Norfolk, there’s a lot of photos here, but there’s so many great ones I had to leave them in!

This was my first time at College Farm, it’s a wonderful country venue with several distinct garden spaces around it, the whole site is very secluded.

I started my day with Laura at Vicarage House just down the road in Great Hockham. It’s more of a mansion than your typical house though and there was a massive amount of space for everyone to get ready before leaving for the farm.

Once at the farm Laura’s father parked alongside the field of Alpaca’s and the bridal party started to walk down to the outdoor ceremony area where the guests were waiting for the blessing to take place.

This wasn’t a strictly human wedding party, we had several instances of floof as a part of the procession and once they were all in place Laura’s father rowed her across the lake down to an teary eyed Adam.

After the blessing I had the pleasure of being part of the most epic confetti experience I’ve ever had. Confetti was handed out en masse via Jack the confetti pony who stayed around for most of the reception and with 140 guests there was a LOT of confetti to be thrown. Honestly, I’ve never seen so much confetti in. my. life. With a confetti dump of the remaining amounts at the end. Perfect!


Laura and Adam wanted their reception to be like a village fete, so after the initial meet and greet with canapes along with some family photos at the back of the house the Fete was officially announced with a ribbon cut and everyone was treated to a Coconut Shy, Splat the Rat, Space / Pony hopper racing, Welly Wanging and a Ferret run along with other things.

Halfway through this Laura, Adam and family headed into the house for their legal I-do’s and then we went for couple photos, speeches (where Adam’s mum started rapping) and then dinner followed.

We were there for most of the night, the band killed it and everyone was high on life the rest of the night. A perfect, high energy and free spirited wedding full of love. As it should be x

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

Manor by the Lake
Megan & Peter

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

This is Megan and Peter’s wedding at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.

Everything took place here, with the girls getting ready upstairs in the bridal suite with the guys downstairs in an area which had it’s own pool and football tables, jukebox and an honesty bar. So they were kept happy!

If you were to suddenly appear at this venue you’d think you were way out in the sticks away from everything but the reality is, you’re right on the fringes of the city with the motorway being 5 minutes away. It didn’t change the idillic setting though and you were surrounded by acres of grounds to enjoy as well as having the convenience of being easy to get to.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

We could see the guests arriving from the balcony and they made their way to the end of the path where the ceremony was going to take place outside by the gazebo.

Once dressed, Megan’s mum walked her down the long path leading her to Peter. You’ll see further along this post how pretty the aisle was and I loved the relaxed metal arches that designated the aisle. It really added to the ceremony.

After, we went for confetti outside the main entrance to the house with drinks in the gorgeous gardens there and I spent some time with everyone for their photos.

Manor by the Lake Wedding Photography

I loved the gardens here, there was pretty everywhere and especially at the end of July, the summer heat hadn’t affected the flowers at all.

The main dining area in the adjoining building was a perfect space for their dinner, the fairy lighting really added to the atmosphere and assisted in adding to the photography. After speeches we dissappeared back into the main house to utilise the rock and roll room as well as the hallways running to it.

Stoke Palce Wedding Photographer

Stoke Place
Maliha & Adam

Stoke Place WeddingsOne couple, three weddings.

I’ve never known of this before. I’ve experienced two, the religious / spiritual and the legal but three is a new on me.

This was an Anglo American fusion wedding of sorts. Maliha and Adam’s first wedding (religious) was in the USA, then over here there was the official legal one and finally this one which was a big family do with all the usual bells and whistle you’d come to expect, except the ring exchange and ceremony was symbolic for all the friends and family who couldn’t make it to the US.

Stoke Place WeddingsThe venue of choice was Stoke Place, a luxury hotel in Newington. A plus point for me was that everyone got ready there. It was nice to bounce between both Maliha and Adam. There’s two stories to tell after all.

The ceremony itself was outside and we had good weather for September (I’m late blogging this wedding aren’t I?) and Stoke Place is perfectly geared up for weddings outside. The ceremony played out with Maliha’s sister and bridesmaid giving a reading each and