The Barbican Centre
Sarah & Ian

The Barbican had been on my radar for a while leading up to Sarah and Ian’s wedding. The post apocalyptic 80’s system built structure really floats my boat and sparks off memories of the old films they used to show at 6pm on BBC2.

They got married in the first week of February so the inside added a strong contrast to the cold and grey atmosphere outside. We were in a slightly surreal setting and such a beautiful one at that.

As a result of Sarah and Ian meeting on a bus they made up a replica front end as a backdrop for the ceremony and it looked really cute there. After a few readings the reception kicked off, photos and dinner followed.

We used most of the Barbican for photos and in the evening used the theatre area too. It was a different place at night!


It was an experience being somewhere like this. It’s such an unusual venue and I’m looking forward to going back!

Andaz Hotel Wedding in London

Andaz Hotel London Wedding
Elaine & Simon

Andaz Hotel Wedding Photography in the Masonic Temple

Elaine and Simon’s wedding in early October was the first time I’d been to the Andaz Hotel in London and what an epic wedding this was.This sprawling boutique hotel is full of subtle lighting and shiny surfaces which proved exceptionally useful for photos throughout the day.


I started off upstairs in the deluxe suite with Elaine, her mum and bridesmaids and after a short time I went downstairs to the gym area when Simon and the guys were getting ready. The gym was a great area to shoot in, you might not think it but the different textures and contrast really helped me to frame the photos before going back to the girls to finish up their prep shots.

Their ceremony was in the Fenchurch room and after the ceremony they exited to a wall of confetti from the guests with their reception drinks being held in the Masonic Temple.

Before they went there though I wanted to make use of the space so for five minutes set up a cool group shot (see above) as well as some photos of just Elaine and Simon using the ceiling above as well as the steps into the temple.

Andaz Hotel Wedding Photography

We then caught a cab to the Royal Exchange which took about five minutes and surprisingly there wasn’t a soul to be seen. It was completely still. Usually the Royal Exchange is a buzz of tourists but on this occassion there wasn’t anyone around so we absolutely made the most of the opportunity.

When we returned dinner was due to be served in the 1901 room. This space worked really well with one half being set for dinner, the other for the dancefloor and DJ. Elaine and Simon do win the best cake / sweet table of the year, it was so pretty to look at and the cake beng surrounded by a wall of white chocolate on each tier was pretty special too!

Before dinner there was the tea ceremony where gifts and regards were given, then dinner and speeches followed.

Elaine and Simon had some post wedding games before their dance. Their master of ceremonies helped to orchestrate these involving such things a ‘Can you identify each other by touch’ – ‘Can you kick an egg in a straight line with a tiny shoe on the end of a string’ and ‘Can you trace an egg from one trouser leg to the other’!

Andaz Hotel Wedding Photography

When it came to the first dance I wasn’t fully aware of what was going to happen. As in a top secret nobody told me full on flash mob with Simon and his groomsmen. It started off as a completely normal first dance, slow and steady, then the confetti went off and we thought that was it. But what actually happened was Elaine got led to a chair and a good 5 minutes of spinning, backflips, electric slides and blow up dolls took over.

The whole thing was amazing to be a part of, although I spent a lot of time thinking OMG OMG OMG to try and anticipate the next shot so I could nail it. Ha.

Iford Village Hall Weding

Iford Village Hall
Shelley & Scott

Iford Village Hall Wedding PhotographyOne thing I love to do is blog, to write up my weddings in a way that I saw them and in a way, to debrief myself of the day because so much happens. I’m a part of this 12+ hour rollercoaster of emotion that it always has a long term impact on me.

This year though I look back and realise I’ve not blogged since June. Mainly because I’ve been so busy. 2016 marks the most number of weddings I’ve shot and as I now stay later and deliver so many photos something had to take a back seat. As a result I’m now playing catchup.

So for those who follow me online, lurk in the background or whose weddings I’ve yet to shoot, apologies, but watch this space!


Shelley and Scott’s wedding was ace. They both live Sussex way, in Hove and with their wedding ceremony at the Brighton Bandstand it was easy enough for them to get ready just a few minutes walk away. I loved the eclectic decor of their home, HRH the queen Victoria was on show and all sorts of things that defined them were everywhere.

I rocked up to find Shelley with her makeup underway and I settled there for a bit before heading off to a nearby hotel for Scott’s prep before returning to Shelley for her final stages before walking to the Bandstand with them.

Iford Village Hall Wedding PhotographyBrighton Bandstand is a nice personable space but it does suffer if the wind is up, which was the case this time around so we used the restaurant underneath for the ceremony. It suited their numbers well and after we went for photos on the beach and used the Bandstand too.

Shelley and Scott booked a bus to take them and their guests to Iford Village Hall which is around 20 minutes away an is a typically cute village hall, in a sleepy village with a church nearby and a small row of houses. It was Idyllic, peacful and pretty all around. We didn’t see another soul there all day and I was very impressed because it seems to be the type of place everyone looks for but not somewhere everyone finds when they book their wedding.

It was beautifully decorated inside and a lot of the trinkets were from their home which made it particularly sweet. Teapots, porcelain figurines and polaroids of themselves all helped them to own the venue.

Iford Village Hall Wedding PhotographyEven though we had photos at the beach there was so much pretty it was rude not to take advantage our surroundings. So after tea we disappeared for 15 minutes to the church and the fields.

Their wedding was filled with the most important people and at around 30 guests it was intimate and cosy which was helped by the size of Iford VIllage Hall too.

Old Finsbury Town Hall Wedding

Old Finsbury Town Hall
Dina & Laurence

I cover a lot of winter weddings with the cold and early dusk being perfectly suited to urban and city ones.

I’ve a particular soft spot for Old Finsbury Town Hall and was there for Dina and Laurence’s wedding a few days after Christmas.

I started with the boys at Laurence’s grandmothers before heading over to Dina’s parents.

The whole day was here with their Jewish ceremony involving all the family and when the ceremony reached the end they each had their own Chuppah glass to break.

We had confetti outside as well as family photos on the steps before going for a wander locally for photos. It was cold but the light was good, winter is often a really nice time to shoot in and it forces you to think outside the box.

Dancing and dinner followed and I stayed until the end of the night. It was nice later in the evening to have some more photos on the stairs, they’re so pretty at night.

St Barts Brewery Wedding Photography

Islington Town Hall and St Bart’s Brewery
Amy & Gavin

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

I love it when people lose the plot on a dancefloor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and you never can tell with each individual wedding I go to what’s going to happen.

Sometimes a wedding will have the ‘shuffle shuffle wave’ or the couple will dance like nobody is watching and everyone will jump in too.

Amy and Gavin’s wedding was the latter, it never really stopped from the first dance through until close!

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

Their wedding ceremony was as Islington Town Hall with their reception held at a favourite of mine, St Barts Brewery over in Smithfield.

It was November, a bit chilly, definitely windy but crisp and the sun kept saying hi! every now and again.

Langham Hotel Wedding Photography

A Jewish Wedding at West Hampstead Synagogue and the Langham Hotel in London
Shoshana & Grant

Langham Hotel London WeddingHere is an epic Jewish Wedding in London for you.

Shoshana and Grant were married at the West Hampstead Shul before having their reception in the Grand Ballroom at the Langham Hotel in London.

I started early with Shoshana at the Langham where she was getting ready and my second, Laura was awaiting Grants arrival at the Shul. On leaving the hotel we stopped for photos in the lobby and then made our way to West Hampstead for the Bedeken ceremony before the marriage under the Chupah.

Langham Hotel London WeddingWest Hampstead Shul is big, really big, Shoshana could take in every moment as she walked with her father towards Grant.

After the glass was broken and the formalities were over we headed to the Langham where we were set up ready for the family, group shots and we went amiss to take Shoshana and Grants wedding portraits.

From this point the party started, Simcha dancing erupted and the floor went crazy! Jewish weddings are fast paced, full of detail with microcosms of tradition everywhere.

You mustn’t miss a beat and so much happens on the dancefloor, too. Grant jumped over people, was thrown into the air and they were both lifted high up amongst everyone.

I was happily shooting away and felt some warm light against my cheek, it drew my attention and what I saw I had to double take.

There was a Rabbi with his hat on fire…

Langham Hotel London Wedding

After the initial dancing, there was the Hamoitzi (the blessing over the bread before dinner), dinner itself with toasts to the Queen and the President of the State of Israel, a little dancing before desert (and some informal groups shots on the dancefloor too).

After desert the was Benching, (the blessing) and then followed the Seven Blessings (Sheva Brochas) which formally led to the speeches, toasts, cutting of their wedding cake and Shoshana and Grants ‘formal’ first dance together.

Royal Geographical Society Wedding

The Royal Geographical Society and St Barts Brewery in Smithfield
Wendy & Jack

Royal Geographical Society WeddingHere, let me introduce you to Wendy and Jack. You’ll like them a lot.

This dynamic duo made their vows at the Royal Geographical Society in London this October and had their reception at St Barts Brewery in Smithfield adjacent to the market there.

Wendy chose to get ready at the Montcalm in London City before leaving by cab for the RGS

Royal Geographical Society WeddingSometimes things go wrong at a wedding. Best laid plans can go to waste and despite your sincerest efforts stuff doesn’t go according to plan.

Wendy and Jacks wedding took a slight misadventure when a huge part of London was closed off due to a (SURPRISE!) protest march. So London being London on a Saturday it took Wendy’s cab 90 minutes to do 4 miles.

I was caught up in it too and at one point was SERIOUSLY considering dumping the car and using a Boris bike. I kid you not. A wedding photographer not turning up to the ceremony? Not. Going. To. Happen.

But I got there 10 minutes before Wendy’s cab. Result.



So we were well and truly back on track. Wendy and Jack said their vows in the beautiful Royal Geographical Society building and we used the other room for family photos and some nice shots of the couple after.

With the protest over and the route sorted we headed to St Bart’s Brewery.

Royal Geographical Society WeddingI’d not been to St Bart’s before and it’s a lovely space, wooden flooring, nice bar….good beer and I loved the upper level.

Wendy and Jack had goody bags for the guest on each table. There were masks, conkers, toy planes and some plasticine for the ‘Mould the best Wendy and Jack’ competition.

We all went over to the Smithfield Market for some photos with the groomsmen and bridesmaids and then they all settled for dinner.

Afterwards, when it was dark, myself Wendy and Jack headed back over to Smithfield Market for some more couple shots and then they returned for their first dance. The tune to which was sung by their friend and it was Crowded House’s ‘Fall at your Feet’.