The Andaz Hotel
Jonathan & Stuart

How couples find and book me has always been of interest. I don’t really advertise, so mostly my bookings come via referrals from previous weddings (and that’s the biggest compliment I can get). With Jonathan and Stuart they found me through a blog post I wrote several years back about cameras. They contacted me and the rest is history.

Stuart is a Scotsman living in the USA with Jonathan and they both flew over for their wedding at the Andaz Hotel in London.

The flow of the day was different from the standard running order. There was the usual prep but then we went in for a reveal / first look before heading out to the Royal Exchange for photos pre-ceremony. This worked really well as doing so meant more time with their guests during the reception.

We also made good use of the Masonic Temple for a cool wedding party photo before dinner and the dancing that followed. The Andaz has beautiful decor in the bars and reception, it’s ever-changing and even at night offered up some excellent backdrops and colours for photos in the evening.

Here are some more images from their day: