Syon Park
Lauren & David

Whenever I shoot at Syon Park the wedding there always seem to be fast-paced, high energy bundles of happy. They’re so much fun to cover and they’re always rewarding in their own little ways.

Lauren and David’s wedding was no exception. As it was the last weekend of September the weather had been unpredictable but we got lucky on the day.

They did their day, their way with many little things dotted all over for their guests to have fun with and I wasn’t shooting this alone, they’d booked the awesome Pete and Laura Lawson films and there’s a short clip from their day below along with a link!

I still have many fond memories of their day so take a look below and click ‘read more’ to view and enjoy the video!

Kensington Roof Gardens
Natalija & Michael

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography

If you’ve never seen Kensington Roof Gardens before you should really go. This oasis in the city is something to see and I went through a ‘how did I not know this was here’ moment when I arrived.

It’s a mix of several areas, theres the English garden, a Spanish garden.. ok it’s the crystal maze. There, I said it. You’ve also got real live pink flamingoes there too. In Kensington!

I was here to shoot Natalija and Michael’s wedding, everything took place at the gardens and everything seemed to happen so quickly. From the civil ceremony to the Bedeken to the Chuppah ceremony it was non stop.

Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding Photography

We had photos in the English Garden before re-joining the guests in the Aztec Zone Spanish Garden before settling in for dinner, speeches and Israeli dancing.

The band ‘Shir’ played for the first half of the evening (and supplied music throughout the day) before the in house DJ played the rest of the evening out.

We were there until the very end and took advantage of the restaurant upstairs for an awesome shot across London at night.

Tipi Wedding Photography in London

Shiplake Church and a Four Hat Tipi Wedding
Keli & Mark

Tipi Wedding PhotographyA massive party. That’s how I would sum up Keli and Marks tipi wedding.

They had a gorgeous four hat tipi which was only a couple of minutes away from Shiplake church ( in Henley on Thames ). There were two of us covering their wedding, I was covering Keli’s side and Greg the photographic Ninja was covering Mark’s.

We both had a lot of space to shoot in and there was lots of cool stuff surrounding us. The best wedding car I’ve yet to see, a classic american Thunderbird, blew my mind and as the prep was next to the Tipi it gave me the chance to look inside and imagine the awesomeness that was going to take place later on.

Tipi Wedding Photography

I headed off to the church where Greg was waiting for me and I waited for Keli to arrive. After the ceremony Greg rode shotgun back to the reception with the other guests on a trailer pulled by a tractor!

While this was happening we made a brief detour to the waterside where Mark originally proposed and had some photo time there. We didn’t stay too long, enough to get the photos we needed and not too long their guests would miss them.
Tipi Wedding Photography

From this point the party started, the formalities were over and we could all relax, (other than the speeches but they were handled with ease)!

A Tipi wedding is typically a relaxed and more informal one and dinner was a carvery per table, each with it’s own nominated head carver and as the night drew in their band ‘Tetris’ kept things going until past midnight when we also finished too.