Cripps Barn
Jess & Gary

Mid-October weddings can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Jess and Gary’s wedding at Cripps Barn was lovely although last year around this date I was there for another wedding with which it was so windy that we lost a veil to the wind as it flew 30 metres away from us, 4 years ago around the same time we had a 28 degree heatwave!

It’s a gamble but one that usually pays off due to the lovely colours all around us.

Jess and Gary’s wedding was a great example of this, we caught the weather perfectly, the trees were all ready to drop and they mostly had all their leaves in place. Good times.

Here’s some more images from the day:

Brunswick House and Mayfair Library
Amy & Dave

Here is Amy and Dave’s wedding from January – they got married at Mayfair Library with their evening reception at Brunswick House.

Shortly after this wedding they moved back home the Australia, but as they’d lived in Brixton for a number of years they wanted to have lots of photos in the area in order to have some great keepsakes for the future.

I started at their home and on the opposite side of the road their family was also getting ready in an air b’n’b. This meant I was able to bounce between both sides.

Once ready we walked to the skate park at the end of their road for photos, then towards town through the market and then onto the tube for Mayfair Library.

Between points we stopped in a local pub for a spot of lunch with their guests and made our way to the ceremony.

They also had their recent addition to the family, baby Josh who stole the show a lot of the time and it was really nice to see him included in so much (including the walk down the aisle)!

It was an early ceremony to allow for Josh and afterwards we went to Brixton Village for a mini reception and some photos there. Time was on our side today.

Afterwards it was on to Brunswick House were everyone was waiting for the dinner and evening do. There wasn’t any evening entertainment / dancing as they wanted to focus on their guests before leaving the UK and I loved Brunswick House for shooting in, it’s my kind of place.

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding Photography

Wiltons Music Hall
Laila & Chris

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

I love weddings that are off the beaten track and challenging. When I get them I tend to run off the adrenaline and let go of the reigns to see where the day takes me. Laila and Chris’s wedding at Wilton’s Music hall was the perfect example of this.
Wiltons Music Hall Wedding
So colourful was this day and so spoilt for choice with details was I that I never ran out of things to shoot. From the bubble machine welcoming you, the Pinata that was used for receiving cards from the guests, the Pink Flamingo’s, the face masks on the tables, the US sweets on the candy bar that were there one minute and gone the next to the eclectic collection of balloons at the end of the aisle… this was no ordinary wedding.

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

Because we were in central London a lot of the more formal photos were taken indoors yet this wasn’t a bad thing and the resulting photos lent themselves really well to the urban feel of Wiltons Music Hall.

The wedding at Wiltons finished at around 7pm but the celebrations continued until late a short walk down the road at Simmons Bar on Royal Mint Street. The party was still going when I left!

A Couples shoot in Basingstoke

A Couple Shoot in Basingstoke
Cecilia and Tom

Engagement shoots in Basingstoke

In a garden I could only dream of owning, under the threat of rain and a strong east wind the photo gods shone down on Cecilia and Tom yesterday.

Since early morning it had been cloud, overcast and well, a bit poo until 5pm , then we were given this….

Engagement shoots in Basingstoke
Someone was looking out for us because as I’m typing this blog it’s quite predictably throwing it down out there. My dog Harvey is fed up that he can’t go out and chase cats (who let’s face it have more sense than to be waiting for him) but the upside is it gives me a chance to write up some of my work on the blog.

That’s May though, and I wouldn’t want it any differently. It’s my favourite month of the year. Everything comes to life! After the sun comes the rain, after the rain comes the sun…and so on it goes.
Engagement shoots in Basingstoke

Cecilia and Tom are blessed with a huge garden and everywhere was a canvas for great photos. I like to split up my couple shoots into two locations where possible. The intimacy of a tight frame is beautiful, but I like to venture outside where we can be swallowed up by the landscape too.

The no drama / drama thing makes for a good contrast in the images.

Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography

Pyecombe Village Church and Pangdean Barn
Charlotte and Nick

Pangdean Barn WeddingOne of the biggest plus points of my job is being able to make friends with the couples I shoot. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time but a wedding becomes more personal when it does. It’s exciting to meet ‘your couple’ for the first time and a bit of a buzz when you ring their doorbell or see them across a noisy coffee shop.

You know you’re about to go on a journey with someone, you have no idea where it’s going to take you or what it’s going to be like…but you’ve a good idea already that it’ll be a blast and a time you’ll hold dear.
Here is Charlotte and Nick, they live in Haywards Heath but the wedding was at Pyecombe Village Church, Sussex and their reception was close by at Pangdean Barn.

Pangdean Barn WeddingNick got ready at home while Charlotte was at the family home near the church. Because of the close proximity to everything they walked to the church with the guys meeting up at the Plough at the bottom of church lane.

My wife, soulmate and second photographer Laura was with the guys, Pete (the videographer) and I was with the girls and we followed them on to the ceremony.

Pangdean Barn WeddingPyecombe church is pretty special inside, well lit and cosy. A cute church and one which matched Charlotte and Nick. It was personal.

Donnington Grove Wedding

Donnington Castle and Donnington Grove
Gemma & Carl

Donnington Castle WeddingTechnically we broke into the grounds of Donnington Castle. Technically. Although let me explain before I get an angry call from the folks who own it.

Above you’ll see Gemma and Carl. They were married at Donnington Grove around the end of April and always spent days and dates out on the castle grounds. So we needed to be there on their wedding day. No excuses.

Donnington Castle WeddingIf, and I mean if you’re careful there is a back entrance to the castle via Donnington Grove. Driving that way isn’t going to be an exhaust pipes best friend and with Gemma and Carl in the car I did have a kicking soundtrack of SCRAPE! from underneath my car followed by dulcet ‘oohs’ and ‘ouch’ from my accomplices.

Donnington Castle WeddingIt wasn’t House and Garage but my car could well of ended up in one but the reward was worth the risk:


So lets roll back through the day a bit.

I’ve never covered a wedding at Donnington Grove before and I’d not visited either until a couple of weeks before where I’d arranged to meet Gem and Carl.

Kingscote Barn Winter Wedding

Kingscote Barn in December
Caroline & David

Kingscote Barn Wedding

I’ve a thing about shooting in the Cotswolds. I like the area, the landscape and the sleepiness of the surroundings. I’m finding myself shooting more and more weddings here. I’ll shoot anywhere, but for some reason I get pulled this way a lot.

The last time I was at Kingscote Barn was for a September wedding. This time though it was for Caroline and David’s wedding in the last week of December.

I started off at a cottage where Caroline was staying before leaving for Kingscote. She wasn’t too far away, maybe ten minutes. So after some time there I got ahead and said hello to the boys who were decorating the venue. I’ve heard good things about the fairy light chandelier in the barn but hadn’t seen it until today and it looked lovely. Being so soon after Christmas there was the high spirited ambiance remaining and inside the barn it felt all cosy. You were welcomed in, it felt special.
Kingscote Barn Wedding

The guys got ready in one of the rooms at Kingscote and there was lots of space for them to do so. It was almost like a studio flat inside and at the opposing end, in an other room Caroline put her dress on, as well as her last bits of makeup.

There were lots of things that made this day special, the fairy light chandelier, the home made pine cone bouquets, a seasonal sweet table made of traditional German gingerbread, bubble confetti, a caricaturist and a salutation to Scottish heritage by wearing the kilts to name just a few things.
Kingscote Barn Wedding
But mostly it was the people there that made the day. When I first saw David in the morning he gave me an uncompromising hug. As someone who can judge character on the quality of their hug, that’s a great and welcoming sign. I’d not met either of them before this day but I knew where I was, who I was working for and how to give them the best I could. When couples are this open it’s easy to shoot for them.

It was like this all day and everyone was so lovely to be around. It was sunny all day and when the sun went down it was freezing, the dance floor was packed always and some serious moves were made.

Brixton East Wedding Photography

Brixton East, Maltby Market Ropewalk and Mayfair Library
Gemma & Dan

Brixton East and Mayfair Library WeddingMayfair Library and Ropewalk: Day 1

Usually a wedding is a one day affair but sometimes, just sometimes a couple will split their wedding across two days and have a celebration that leaves you buzzing for ages afterwards.

Gemma and Dan had their official legal ceremony in the Mayfair Library, London. The registrars were lovely. In fact any registrar I’ve worked with in Mayfair has been a scream to be around.

But before I get too ahead of myself, I started off at the Audley pub where Dan and the wedding party got together before leaving for the library a short walk away.

It was late December, so the light left quickly and we hit Mayfair library just as the sun went down.

Brixton East and Mayfair Library WeddingThe ceremony hadn’t even started yet and Dans parents were both in hysterics which set everyone off. This restlessness continued throughout the ceremony disrupting it from time to time. Which wasn’t a bad thing 🙂

The whole experience was totally endearing and wonderful to watch unfold. Until today I’d not met Gem or Dan but felt as if I’d known them for years.

Gemma was in a stunning dress from American Vintage and her bridesmaid created the netted headpiece you see her wearing in the photos.

Once married, we left to go back to the Audley before heading off to the Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk.

Ropewalk, until today, had been somewhere off my photographers radar.

I rocked up and didn’t expect to see the flags and festoons hanging there, asking me to shoot them. One of the benefits of a winter wedding it that light takes on a different direction. The festoons were illuminating the flags and diffusing the light down below. This is a great place for photography.

Their reception was at Bar Tozino, right at the end f the market where they had tapas, speeches and they saw the night out.

Brixton East: Day two

Monday was day one, Saturday was day two. They picked Brixton East which is a large warehouse space with plenty of London charm to it. There are three levels, ground floor for dinner, upstairs for the ceremony and dancing with another level above for smokers and catching some fresh air. It works really well.

This wedding was funky. I arrived early in order to get setup as winter weddings need more consideration where photography is concerned. Plus I was warned there was going to be confetti Canons. Big ones. 58 of them. So I had work to do.

Even though there was a ceremony on the Monday a huge number of Gem and Dans friends were coming to day two, essentially a massive party which contrasted the smaller, more intimate gathering of day one.

So the other ceremony took place led by a Mariachi Band, followed by Gem’s brother and bridesmaid throwing petals and then finally through a cloud of smoke Gem was walked down the aisle by her mum towards Dan.

One of Gem’s best friends had asked her to promise him that if ever she got married that he could hold the service. He got his wish that day.

Brixton East and Mayfair Library WeddingOnce a few readings had taken place 58 industrial sized Confetti Cannons were let off to signify their first kiss. Every guest had one and in my life, I’ve never seen so much confetti.

Afterwards dinner was set for downstairs and speeches took place. The food was supplied by the street vendors of Maltby Street Market.

Bar Tozino, BBQ Lab and Bad Brownie were there catering hot dogs, Paella, lobster, brownies and more. Many times you saw Gem and Dan behind the bar serving drinks to their much loved friends and family.

The Mariachi Band played for most of the reception and then people started to mosey on up to the dance floor once the speeches had finished.

Once on the dance floor DJ Alex was spinning Vinyl whilst an overhead projector was playing Back to the Future and Top Gun on the brick walls of Brixton East and I stayed late, because I didn’t want to leave.

Sometimes you can’t fit everything you want to into one day and by splitting it across two Gem and Dan had two wedding days instead of one. Each day with its own charm and unique touches.

University Womens Club Mayfair Wedding

University Womens Club in Mayfair, London
Cailah & Duraid

University Womens Club WeddingWhile many couples want to have a rural backdrop for their wedding, large towns and cities have some truly gorgeous venues too.

When Cailah and Duraid got married at the University Womens Club in Mayfair  I loved being able to easily find original and interesting shots at this cool and understated venue.

The club’s elegant drawing room and library are licensed to hold civil weddings, meaning everything can take place in the same building, which is what Cailah and Duraid decided to do.

University Womens Club WeddingInside the UWC was nothing short of a blessing to me because sometimes…it can be difficult to be original as a photographer so I made the most of things like the gorgeous shelving, books and ceiling in the library, and the London architecture outside, as well as things like street signs, to convey a good sense of where we were.

Even though I’m unhealthily addicted to colour the beautiful windows gave a great natural frame to Cailah and Duraid for a lovely black and white shot, which I think has a timeless quality to it.

Cailah looked beautiful in a three quarter length white dress, with long lace sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and a flared tulle skirt, while her new husband was dapper in a bow tie.

University Womens Club WeddingAs someone who was married this year I was completely digging Duraid’s tie and suit combo. (Loved the texture of the material  that made it up). Whilst there were the formal aspect to the day as all good wedding have, things like the Lego buttonholes for the guys and the Jenga guest book and the cutest wedding cake I’ve seen for while all added their personality and kept the day grounded and ‘real’.

Brighton Wedding Photography

Angel House, Brighton Bandstand and the Caribou Rooms Hove
Vic & Jared

Angel House Brighton WeddingGood, long term friends are hard to find. We meet many people on our way through life and some relationships endure more than others.

We’ve known V+J for the best part of 7 years now. Whilst we don’t see them as often as we should they’ve always been there for us, and us for them with Vic being a bridesmaid at our own wedding in May.

Angel House Brighton WeddingThey were married this year at 1 Angel House in Brunswick Terrace, Hove. This was the first wedding at Angel House and this lovely Regency building has been recently restored throughout by the owners.

V+J’s civil ceremony was hosted by Brightons legendary Mr Love and afterwards we had a drinks reception on the first floor and a surprise fly by that was watched from the beach.

The ceremony room was turned around for dinner and afterwards everyone headed off for an evening reception at the Caribou Rooms. This was decorated floor to ceiling ready for the evening guests to enjoy.

Angel House Brighton WeddingWe stayed until the very end, met old and new friends and it was great to be there for them both.