Farbridge Barns, Chichester
Katie & Tom

Here’s Katie and Tom’s Wedding at Farbridge the other week!

Whenever I shoot a wedding I look out for colour whenever I can. Weddings can often be surrounded by the blues and greens of the sky and grass but not much else so when May is around the corner and the Rapeseed fields start to pop things get interesting as we’re greeted by a wall of yellow.

The only thing is that it grows fast. Last time I was at Farbridge it was only up to my knees, two weeks later and it was waist high, now as I type, probably the shoulders. Crazy. Fortunately though it wasn’t in full bloom and wasn’t dropping pollen at the slightest touch so we got some really lovely, colourful photos from their day.

Colour was also everywhere indoors with pinks and blues in the flowers and decor on the tables. (Flowers were by The Floral Artisan) and Teddy their Pomeranian was there to greet them after the ceremony and to bark the occassional warnings at me. No worries Teddy, we’re cool 🙂

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