The Womens University Club Wedding

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When Cailah and Duraid got married at the University Womens Club in Mayfair I loved being able to easily find original and interesting shots at this cool and understated venue.

The club’s elegant drawing room and library are licensed to hold civil weddings, meaning everything can take place in the same building, which is what Cailah and Duraid decided to do.

Inside the UWC was nothing short of a blessing to me because sometimes…it can be difficult to be original as a photographer so I made the most of things like the gorgeous shelving, books and ceiling in the library, and the London architecture outside, as well as things like street signs, to convey a good sense of where we were.

Cailah looked beautiful in a three quarter length white dress, with long lace sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and a flared tulle skirt, while her new husband was dapper in a bow tie

Working with Cailah and Duraid genuinely was a joy. I loved being able to take photos in such an interesting setting, and they clearly had a fantastic special day.

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