St Enodoc Church Wedding

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Certain parts of the UK have a special hold on my heart and Cornwall is one such place.

When my age could be counted in single digits Cornwall was a source of family holidays, tricking the Space Invaders machine to accept 2p’s at holiday camps in Camelford, pretending to be a rock climber in Tintagel and discovering jellyfish on Polzeath beach are moments that still hold a certain magic and nostalgia for me.

Yet, despite this I’ve not been back to Cornwall since, at least not until Domi and Phil booked me for their wedding at St Enodoc Church in Trebetherick. From that moment I had been counting down the day to my return….

St Enodoc church is honestly the most beautifully located church I’ve ever shot at. The view of St Enodoc aligns perfectly with the Jurassic Cornish coastline that leads to Daymer Bay.

After the ceremony we hung around the church for a bit to get some iconic photos before heading back to Domi’s for a Yurt reception.

The evening continued well, started with a Conga to the beach, a group photos and then dinner. I stayed until the late hours where all the fun continued until close.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding and it was especially comforting to be back somewhere that is just as beautiful as I remembered it.


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