Shoreditch House

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This was my first time at Shoreditch House in London and I was there to cover the wedding of Claire and Jeff from LA.

It was the 30th of December, early in the evening. It was challenging to work so late in the dark but …. I’m ready.

As much as I say this was a wedding there is a little mistruth to that statement. You see, Clare and Jeff were already married in California for legal reasons so their ceremony was held by a celebrant, all the formalities were there except for the signing of the register.

Shoreditch House is a great venue, they even have a pool on the roof with a view of the London Skyline. It’s very chic and oozes class. When I was there is was really well run, everyone was attentive and polite and really made an effort with the guests. The decor inside is lovely and very complimentary, both in the Biscuit Tin and Biscuit Pin.

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