A Jewish Wedding at Old Finsbury Town Hall

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Here is Rachel and Zach’s Jewish Wedding at the Old Finsbury Town Hall, now also known as the Urdang Academy.

Our day started at the Rookery hotel in Cowcross Street, London. I covered Rachel’s prep and my second photographer Laura was at the awaiting Zach’s arrival and checking out points of interest for photos later in the day.

The ceremony was beautiful, the prayers and the singing were enchanting leading up to the end with the braking of the glass and cries of ‘Mazeltov!’

From this point it all went crazy and everyone ran in to meet and congratulate them. It was an immense thing to be a part of.

They then danced downstairs to a private room for something to eat together alone, I took some more post ceremony photos and after a short reception everyone hit the dance floor for Simcha (Jewish dancing) before dinner.

It went a little crazy at this point. Chairs were aloft, spirits were high and there was a huge amount of energy. Things continued until 11pm which we stayed until. We wanted to experience things from start to finish before we left.

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