Hackney Round Chapel

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Here is Becky and Andy who were married at the Hackney Round Chapel.

I consider myself very lucky with Becky and Andy’s wedding, everything was turned up to 11 with there being so much to shoot, so much personality and pretty!

You can fit hundreds of people in the round chapel and wherever I looked there was neat touches, paper cranes, flowers and lots of fairy lights, which gave me a lot to play with as well as a huge amount of daylight that streams in through the windows too.

During the ceremony the readings were very emotional bringing tears all round and there was a lot of love in the room between everyone.

Afterwards we did the usual family and couple photos before heading to The Windsor Castle pub across the road for drinks and time out to allow the caterers to turn the space around for dinner and the evening do.

Before the first dance Becky got changed into another outfit and burst back into the room, dancing with Andy straight away so the guests were caught off guard and a great big dose of energy was there from the start which carried right on through until close.

Becky and Andy were just a joy to be around and I stayed right until close before taking my tired self back home.


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