Angel House Brighton

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Good, long term friends are hard to find. We meet many people on our way through life and some relationships endure more than others.

We’ve known V+J for the best part of 7 years now. Whilst we don’t see them as often as we should they’ve always been there for us, and us for them with Vic being a bridesmaid at our own wedding in May.

They were married at Angel House in Brighton.

Vic and Jared’s civil ceremony was hosted by Brightons Mr Love and afterwards we had a drinks reception on the first floor and a surprise fly by that was watched from the beach.

The ceremony room was turned around for dinner and afterwards everyone headed off for an evening reception at the Caribou Rooms. This was decorated floor to ceiling ready for the evening guests to enjoy and the food was awesome with a seaside beach feel to the food and decor. The Cake was especially nautical too.

We stayed until the very end, met old and new friends and it was great to be there for them both.

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