Shiplake Church and a Four Hat Tipi

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A massive party. That’s how I would sum up Keli and Marks tipi wedding.

They had a gorgeous four hat tipi which was only a couple of minutes away from Shiplake church ( in Henley on Thames ). I headed off to the church where Mark was waiting for me and I waited for Keli to arrive.

After the ceremony we made a brief detour to the waterside where Mark originally proposed and had some photo time there. We didn’t stay too long, enough to get the photos we needed and not too long their guests would miss them.

From this point the party started, the formalities were over and we could all relax, (other than the speeches but they were handled with ease)!

A Tipi wedding is typically a relaxed and more informal one and dinner was a carvery per table, each with it’s own nominated head carver and as the night drew in their band ‘Tetris’ kept things going until past midnight when we also finished too.

It was nice to stay so late. So much would of been missed had we left earlier, the stars were out, fires were lit and people were enjoying their own space inside and out of the Tipi.


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