Wedding at Jeremy’s Restaurant

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Laura and Andy’s wedding a Jeremys Restaurant was a particularly warm and emotional wedding, filled with hugs, laughter…. and a Spitfire.

There was so much to photograph at Laura and Andy’s wedding, I hardly knew where to begin. Jeremy’s really is a spectacular venue, combining a lively, modern feel with the backdrop of a traditional English country garden. But also, we were allowed to use the Gardens of Borde Hill right next door for photos too.

One of the highlights was the Spitfire display and if you’re going to get a Spitfire to fly over and around your wedding it really helps to work at Gatwick.

I knew about this surprise, it was to follow right after the formals however you know, planes, never know where they are exactly when you’re on the ground taking photos but if there ever a memorable thing from the day is was the moment Laura shouted everyones attention and told them to look up to the skies.

It flew around for over ten minutes and was really nice to see. Much more than I had envisioned it.

The vine-covered walkway at Jeremy’s was a great romantic spot for taking some shots of Laura and Andy as Mr and Mrs, and, because I was able to be there all day I also managed to get a great image of the two of them against the inky night sky.

Genuinely, Laura and Andy’s wedding was a lovely occasion, and I was pleased as punch to record their wedding for them.


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