Hexton Manor Wedding

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I loved these two. Dan, aka ‘Dj Dan Van Damage’ and Kelly are two people that if I could, I’d keep them in miniature and carry them around with me at all times.

They just love each other, completely and utterly and our friendship started off a few weeks prior during their pre wedding shoot. We just hit it off right away, they were completely open and I always knew where I was with them. Love them to bits.

Hexton Manor is a lovely country house, it’s secluded and quite kooky inside.

Their main reception was in the marquee across from the manor and we continued the rest of the day there until close. Some of Darren’s friends were heavily into cars so we were graced with a Lambo which was a nice touch.

Towards the end we took some more photos outside and I made my way home smiling inside because they both had so much energy and were so into each other. Kelly and Dan’s wedding was a perfect reminder of why I do what I do.

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