Standerwick Court and Beckington Church Wedding

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As each year goes by I’m still surprised by just how much I can achieve in one wedding day. At Sophie and Lewis’ wedding we were spoilt for choice as far as locations go with Standerwick Court being his parents home.

So that’s 10 bedrooms and 70+ acres with exclusive use to be creative in. One room had a Spitfire battle painted on all four walls….Painted on the walls. How cool is that?

Beckington church, where Lewis waited for Sophie to arrive was typically west country cute as well.

After the emotional ceremony they headed back to Standerwick Court in Lewis’ surprise transport of a horse and carriage, we stopped for photos, I was stung by nettles and my second Greg was with the rest of the guests being awesome.

A sweet marquee housed the reception dinner and after the final speech we partied hard until late with a few stops for shots at the folly and later, the outhouses where the moon popped out to greet us.

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