Winkworth Farm Wedding

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Welcome to Amy and Karl’s wedding at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury.

I love the southwest, there’s more room to breath and Amy’s family home was very secluded and a mile from the church.

Ordinarily churches have rules regarding photography and I’m limited in what I can do, where I can be and what I can shoot. In some cases I’m not even allowed to shoot the ceremony itself and if I can it’s often only from the back of the church making it difficult to get a decent aspect.

In this case though, you know you’re on good ground when the vicar is walking around with a selfie stick taking their own photos. That’s material for me. both myself and for Ben from Foster Films. We didn’t expect to see something like that in our lifetime based on our past wedding experiences!

It was good to be back at Winkworth Farm again, it’s a feature rich venue with lots of opportunity for photos, the sunken gardens are good to use and around this time of year their flower beds have a wall of Tulips to take advantage of.

The rest of the day took place here with speeches, some night photos and an epic bouquet throw to finish it off.

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