Filre Place and Firle Church Wedding

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The Firle Estate near Lewes was the destination for Ruth and Matt on their wedding day this May.

They used the stables for their wedding reception and 250 guests…this was a big military wedding with an elegant theme throughout.

The whole day went off without a hitch and the weather was exceptionally good to us. After the ceremony Ruth was placed in a wheelbarrow and wheeled away from the church but the barrow had a flat and so the solution was for Matt to call on his Navy friends to carry Ruth instead!

After dinner things went off the beaten track … we had a Wedding Sports day!

There was three games in total. The first being where 4 or 5 victims, ah, volunteers had to hold a pole to their chins, look at the top of the pole and spin around for ten seconds and run towards a tree.

Bearing in mind by this point there’d been the reception drinks, wine during the wedding breakfast and then the toasting during the speeches and well…

Next up was an egg and spoon race. Lastly a competition where groups of two had to balance an apple between their foreheads and do various steps and jumps on command without losing their apple.

This wedding is one of my all time favourites, so many people, so much fun and a great place to shoot.

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