The House Meadow

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Let’s drift into Charlotte and Sebastian’s wedding at The House Meadow in Biddenden.

Their wedding was a totally relaxed one with horseshoe throwing, a Coconut shy, swingball (YES!) and various other distractions for everyone to take part in.

I started the day at theirs with everyone getting ready and then headed off to the House Meadow there Sebastian was waiting. The girls were waiting in the Horseshoe Barn ready for the signal from the registrars and they took the long walk with Charlotte to Sebastian.

Dinner was a lot like an open picnic on each table where everyone helped themselves and it was just, well, lovely really. You felt cosy, comfortable and welcome here.

The long grasses, low trees and the weather we were blessed with really added to the day and resulting photos before going to dinner which was handed out picnic style.

Naturally speeches and the first dance followed, we took some more photos at sunset in the meadow and someone fell over on the dance floor while attempting some killer move. The sign of a good night.

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