A Wedding at South Farm

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When I was really young I used to be that kid who’d be dragged around flea markets and antique shops looking at well loved teddy bears with bits of stuffing hanging out of them, old records and monkey moneyboxes.

I remember that everywhere I looked there was something new, something interesting and cool.

When I was thinking about what to say of Hazel and Ashley’s wedding at South Farm this year that is what my mind cast back to. The level of detail, the things to see and to do reminded me of that time. This was further bolstered by the way South Farm is laid out, the Gypsy caravans , the Piglets, the sculptures and the gardens turned their wedding into a Photographers playground.

I was wandering around in awe saying to myself ‘This is beautiful’.

After their church ceremony, Hazel and Ashley went to South Farm for a blessing and their reception.

In the evening there were sparklers and we commandeered the Gypsy caravans for an epic shot involving 5 remote flashes 4 smoke bombs and two people very much in love.

From a photography viewpoint, we left South Farm knowing that should we go back that it would be brand new to us all over again.

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