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Here is Jamie and Roxie’s Wedding at Pangdean Barn, Brighton.

Now when it comes to a wedding, ‘big’ can be interpreted many ways. You can have the biggest venue, number of guests, most expensive dress but when I say big, I mean ‘right’.

This wedding had a lot more details than your usual one. Everything was clearly thought about, put together and double checked. No details were missed and it was clear the Roxy and Jamie worked HARD to make this day the stunner it turned out to be.

It was fortunate that the bride and groom got ready just a few doors apart from each other. It allowed me to tell both stories before the ceremony, I don’t like leaving the groom out.

After the ceremony w e headed to Pangdean for the reception and went over to a nearby poppy field for photos.

From this point there were more photos, canapes and drinks before leading to a dinner of Chicken pie and mash. Awesome.

In the evening the families danced together into the night.

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