Keston Village Hall Wedding

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Gemma and Chris’s wedding was fab with lots to shoot.

The day started with Gemma at the family home and once ready, we all walked down the road together to Herberts restaurant for the ceremony. The ceremony itself was small and afterwards we went back to the parents for the family photos before heading to Keston Village Hall.

At around 6pm everyone started to arrive and soon it was packed out. A stage was used for speeches, there was dinner for everyone and the floor filled with dancing. As the hours ticked by there was stage diving, can canning, an attempt at a conga and one person fell down like a sack of spuds mid spin…which are all the signs of a really good night!

I totally loved the relaxed vibe a wedding like this brought. Due in part to Gemma and Chris themselves and all the lovely folks they have as friends.


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