A Family Farm Wedding

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‘I love cows’ was one of the first thing Georgina said to me over the phone when talking about her wedding. ‘My sister is painting cow table names and in the field next to the marquee all the cows will be there’.

And so they were.

This awesome B+G were married at St Mary’s in the picturesque village of Leckhampstead in Buckinghamshire. Their wedding was big with 180 guests so as you would expect the church was packed.

When we arrived back at the farm we went over to a small orchard for their couple photos and covered the key family formals in the garden whilst all the guests arrived across the road.

Towards the end of the evening Georgina called over the cows and with a gentle shove under the electric fence helped create one of the best wedding photos involving cows in the history of the world, ever.

A lovely day!

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