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One couple, three weddings.

I’ve never known of this before. I’ve experienced two, the religious / spiritual and the legal but three is a new on me.

This was an Anglo American fusion wedding of sorts. Maliha and Adam’s first wedding (religious) was in the USA, then over here there was the official legal one and finally this one which was a big family do with all the usual bells and whistle you’d come to expect, except the ring exchange and ceremony was symbolic for all the friends and family who couldn’t make it to the US.

The venue was Stoke Place, in Newington.

The ceremony itself was outside and we had good weather for September (I’m late blogging this wedding aren’t I?) and Stoke Place is perfectly geared up for weddings outside. The ceremony played out with Maliha’s sister and bridesmaid giving a reading each and another friend acted as the officiant. It worked well, very informal and it was like they were getting married for the first time!

The rings were passed from the back row of guests to the front before being placed on each others finger, a way of blessing the rings then confetti and the reception followed afterwards.

I really liked the decor in the dining room and loved the shape of it too. The first dance was a uk / asian mash up and a great party continued into the night.


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