Pennyhill Park Wedding

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In August I was at Pennyhill Park to shoot Eva and Ollie’s wedding. It was my first time there and it’s a picturesque, sprawling hotel with some beautiful gardens, ornate features everywhere and is a perfect all in one location for a wedding.

I was lucky enough to have Ollie nearby for photos. It’s always good to get both sides of prep, even though with the guys there is less to shoot (the rings, buttonholes, pants, hairy legs etc…. as I sometimes feel the boys can be left behind. It’s their story too.

On the brides side, Eva’s prep was a light and happy one, at least until ‘Hairspraygate’ (below)  where super strong hairspray was used to fix the makeup. Which is the wrong sort apparently!

After the ceremony we had a nice long period of time for the reception. It allowed me plenty of time to get all the shots I could possibly need as well as some cool portraits with the bridal party as well as making good use of the gardens. It was important for Eva and Ollie too as for the last few years they had both been living and working in Australia as doctors which kept them away from family and friends.

After dinner we went and got lost amongst the grounds, took some more edgy shots by the pool, the stairs and then some night photos outdoors. I was there until late for this wedding and just as the dancefloor calmed down and I was packing away the DJ dropped Queens ‘Don’t stop me now’, the floor lit up again and I was back shooting!

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