Brighton Seafront – Jane & James

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During Jane and James’s engagement it was windy, like you wouldn’t believe.

But hey, we won’t allow that to interfere with things too much shall we?

All joking aside though, maybe the pier wasn’t the best place to be on a windy day. But, due to the unpredictable weather we’ve had delaying the shoot Jane and James might of been married by the time it took place. So we went for it anyway….and it paid off.

We started off on the pier itself and soon decided which side of the pier to shoot on because of the weather. We walked along the length of Brighton Pier stopping occasionally for photos. Some places were a good idea, others not. The light was unpredictable but it was always interesting.

Halfway along the pier we stopped at the milk cans and the nice chap there allowed me to hop over to record James throwing a few balls at the target, then we went to the arcade for a bit, heading off to the beach after.

Once we’d finished with the beach the Brighton Eye was our next stop, then onto Brighton Marina for some more urban stuff ending finally by the Banksy painting near the train station.


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