Chris and Laura Giles

Photographer Mentoring

This is a crazy, fast paced industry and to succeed you need to be more than just a photographer; you need empathy, good personal skills, be a social media diva, an SEO genius and content writer, a premium photo editor and have a life in between all this.

It’s a struggle a lot of photographers have and it’s very difficult to get honest advice on how to steer your business regardless of the stage you are currently in.

I shoot approximately 50 weddings a year – it’s all I do and use very little advertising, with most of my work coming from past couples, wedding venues and online visibility. It’s taken several very hard (and expensive) years to get to this point.

A lot of very good photographers struggle with the business side of things so I’m offering mentoring to those wishing for an oversight.

This isn’t teaching you how to use a camera –  this is for photographers already operating and shooting weddings. Good business advice is universal and valid wherever you are in the world.

The mentoring is broken down into three parts:


– The Website

  • A full strip down of your website with a report of suggestions on what to do going forward
  • Advice on pricing
  • A Skype session with shared screens and a walkthrough covering user experience and elegance
  • Advice on how to present your images in a way that has more killer and less filler without only showing your best work

– Your Portfolio

  • A general overview of your existing portfolio how it flows and how potential couples may view things
  • Suggestions on how to improve, frame and edit your images
  • Looking at your shooting strengths and how to play to them, finding your niche

– Social Media

  • Tips and suggestions on how to post with impact across multiple sources at once
  • A good look at your subscribed social media channels and broadcasting history
  • Pointers on how to reach out to other suppliers and venues through social media

– Module Cost

Each module is £150 or £395 for all three with all mentoring being strictly confidential

If there are certain areas you’d like me to focus on rather than the options above then send me an email. List the things you need help with and we can go from there.