From Katie:

Hi Chris,

Just about managed to tear myself away from reliving the day – the photos are AMAZING!! Thank you so much.

I forwarded the link to the bridesmaids and my mum, and already one of the bridesmaids (Rachel) has asked me if I would mind if she asked you to do her wedding too!

Obviously I said I would absolutely love you to, it is as a compliment that we made an excellent decision to choose you. Not that we needed any reassurance, especially after looking through the photo’s!!

Thank you Chris!


From Keith:

Hi Chris

The photo’s are amazing! Little disappointed you couldn’t make me look a little thinner though 😉 Ha, the camera never lies.

Jokes aside, you really caught the moment, looking at the photo’s you can almost smell the church, feel the wind, taste that awful shot I drank, remember how I/ we felt and thought at those moments. It brings the day back to life. Thanks for that……