Chris was a joy to have at our wedding and has delivered us the most amazing set of photos (no mean feat given in 10 years together we’ve got about 3 photos of the two of us we like).

He is the perfect blend of traditional and innovative – he captures all the photos that your family will want (and that you’ll be sad in the decades to come if you don’t have) but also beautiful and unusual compositions, and best of all the true moments of emotion that happen naturally on the day.

I spent a lot of time looking at photographers and choose Chris because he made me feel he’d intervene enough to ensure he got some great shots of us as a couple by composing things where necessary, but for most of the day would just let us be and capture the great moments as they happened.

He seemed to be everywhere at once and his photos are a truly wonderful record of the day – especially the bits I wasn’t there for or have forgotten. His style is warm, informal and friendly – he put not just us at ease but all our family and friends as well. We’ve just been sending out our thank you cards and out of 140 guests he’s managed to capture at least one fantastic photo of almost everyone – the only people we couldn’t find we knew had only stayed for about an hour in the evening. Chris is a fantastic human being and extremely accomplished at his work – book him now!