Woodhill Hall Wedding Photo

Woodhill Hall Early Preview
Siobhan & Robin

Sparkler photo at Woodhill Hall

Here is an early preview of Siobhan and Robins’ wedding at Woodhill Hall near Newcastle. I shoot weddings all over but I’m not usually this far up North, but it’s so worth the trip for the rolling countryside and laid back feel of the area. Everyone is so nice!

As this is an early preview I’ll write up their wedding in the coming months, but the venue itself, wow. A detached Georgian manor hour, uniquely decorated with its own prop hut so you can set the decor how you like it, lots of surrounding woodland, two day exclusive use, a fixed tipi on site…the place is crazy and for me, it was a world of photographic opportunity that I’m unable to compare it to.

Wedding party group photo at Woodhill HallWedding photo in the woods at Woodhill HallThe Dancfloor inside the Tipi at Woodhill Hall