Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography

Pyecombe Village Church and Pangdean Barn
Charlotte and Nick

Pangdean Barn WeddingOne of the biggest plus points of my job is being able to make friends with the couples I shoot. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time but a wedding becomes more personal when it does. It’s exciting to meet ‘your couple’ for the first time and a bit of a buzz when you ring their doorbell or see them across a noisy coffee shop.

You know you’re about to go on a journey with someone, you have no idea where it’s going to take you or what it’s going to be like…but you’ve a good idea already that it’ll be a blast and a time you’ll hold dear.
Here is Charlotte and Nick, they live in Haywards Heath but the wedding was at Pyecombe Village Church, Sussex and their reception was close by at Pangdean Barn.

Pangdean Barn WeddingNick got ready at home while Charlotte was at the family home near the church. Because of the close proximity to everything they walked to the church with the guys meeting up at the Plough at the bottom of church lane.

My wife, soulmate and second photographer Laura was with the guys, Pete (the videographer) and I was with the girls and we followed them on to the ceremony.

Pangdean Barn WeddingPyecombe church is pretty special inside, well lit and cosy. A cute church and one which matched Charlotte and Nick. It was personal.

Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography

Pangdean Barn Wedding
Roxy & Jamie

Pangdean Barn WeddingBang, we’re here. There’s a sense of spring in the air and the 2013 wedding season is also starting to make noises at me, a slow rumbling sound that builds and builds up until April where it clobbers me squarely on the hooter screaming ‘I’m heeeeere!’

And that folks is what it’s like every year. January and February are usually really quiet, one or two weddings.

Then around the first week of March it hits you that you’ve two weddings next week…. (and they’re going to be awesome).

This blog post though isn’t for me to ramble about the year ahead.

This blog is for Roxy and Jamie. One of the biggest weddings from last year.