Notley Abbey Wedding Photography

Notley Abbey
Sarah & Ian

Notley Abbey Vintage Wedding‘Our first date was at Costa’ was one of the things Sarah said to me during their engagement shoot last month. ‘They’re also making our wedding cake because of it’.

And this they did, Costa made them a huge wedding cake!

Sarah and Ian were married a couple of weeks ago at St Mary’s in Haddenham with their reception and evening do at Notley Abbey.

I love this place. I’ve covered a lot of the Bijou wedding venues but this is my favourite, I love the setting, the lavender the way the light falls, the river and it has some of the nicest staff in the industry.

Notley Abbey Vintage WeddingThis was a very colourful and stylish wedding. I’m guessing, but I think Sarah’s dress was a Jenny Packham number which was very classic and vintage in design. Her flowers were a lovely mix of pinks and whites with feathers in (something I don’t often see) and this was a lovely contrast between the vibrant getting ready colours of the dressing gowns in the morning.

It rained, but this added more to the day than it took away and halfway through the ceremony at St Mary’s church the sun came out and the skies cleared of cloud.

Notley Abbey Vintage WeddingOnce at Notley Abbey we took photos by the lake and then I was told about the hedge you can walk through…I always thought it was just a hedge but it’s more like a hedge with a tunnel and we had some photos there too.

Notley Abbey Wedding

Notley Abbey
Chelsey and Paul

Notley Abbey WeddingNotley Abbey Wedding

So I guess from the image above you’ve pretty much clocked on to the fact that Chelsey and Paul’s wedding at Notley Abbey had rain.

Which it did, but only just before the ceremony at St Peter and Paul’s Church in Dinton.

Afterwards it was all glorious and the sun stayed around for the rest of the day:

So the day started at the Oxfordshire Hotel where Chelsey and the girls readied themselves before leaving for the Church.
Notley Abbey Wedding

Chelsey’s wedding car was her fathers Bugatti and the bridesmaids had a white VW Camper to taxi them around.

After the lovely ceremony we went to Notley Abbey. This was my first time there. I’ve been to a couple of other Bijou venues before, Botley’s Mansion and Cain Manor and all are very unique and individual.

Notley Abbey though has a lovely long drive leading up to the house and is totally secluded from the public. The lavender grows up the path too, it’s a stunning feature.
Notley Abbey Wedding

Once here we did the formals and some shots of just Chelsey and Paul alone.