The Asylum Chapel and Clapton Country Club
Hannah & Olly

Here is Hannah and Olly’s Wedding in London on New Years Eve.

They had two amazing venues for the day. The first was The Asylum Chapel in Peckham. This grade II listed building has a lot of history to it and its semi-industrial, weathered and rustic feel sets the scene for a unique and individual ceremony.

Their reception venue was the Clapton Country Club which used to be Clapton’s main tram station back in the day. It’s an honest, welcoming space that feels homely.

Being NYE everyone was ready to party from the get-go and the country club was ambiently decorated with candles and light up signs. Something the additional decor complemented beautifully.

By and odd stroke of luck this was my second wedding in a row with the awesome Mitch Matthews as the DJ there, keeping the party moving right through until way past midnight. Good times.

It was a cracking way to end 2019, here are some more images from their day x

The Loft Studios, London
Sarah & Oliver

My first excursion to the Loft Studios in London was for Sarah and Oliver’s wedding in March. This super cool urban venue ticks all the boxes for those after a clean canvas set amongst an industrial vibe.

Sarah and Oliver both got ready at opposing ends of the studios with the majority of their guest arriving by Routemaster bus.

Each space for the day was unique with the outdoor courtyard serving beautifully for the reception. The ceremony area, dinner and dancefloor were stunningly decorated.

Special mention must go to two people on the day. Jamie for being so exacting on lighting, prop and decor placement. For floristry, Lex Hamilton, who didn’t just put some flowers in place, she created works of art to a level that I’ve not seen anyone do before (not in 500+ weddings anyway)!

I loved every minute of the day and I’m pretty sure I had as much fun as everyone else did!

Here are some more photos from their day..

A Wedding at The Broadway Theatre
Francesca & Glenn

I don’t often have the opportunity to shoot in theatres. I once shot a wedding at Hackney Cinema which was a blast so I was excited to see what Francesca and Glenn’s wedding would be like.

The Broadway Theatre is huge and in the first hour of being there, I found myself getting lost in the Labyrinth of passages and stairs that led from place to place… but I soon got used to it…mostly!

The main seating area was cleared for their ceremony and dinner. It felt very grand for both scenes and there was an immense sense of overhead space.

This was a wedding containing a spectacular amount of confetti, all of which was fired from cannons without a hitch. Often someone gets shot in the face at close range or they hit their foot instead of firing them upwards but the guest won through and absolutely nailed it.

This was the Broadway Theatre’s first wedding and it was a lot of fun and a fun experience to be a part of.

Here are some more images from their day:

South Place Hotel and The Blueprint Cafe, London
Susanne & Fabien

London weddings are often fun but can sometimes be a logistical nightmare when you have some lighting and a set of backup equipment to keep handy ‘just in case’.
Fortunately, with their reception being at the Blueprint Cafe, there were plenty of parking spaces 2 minutes away…which is perfect. Although I was starting with prep and the ceremony at South Place Hotel on the other side of the river!

This wasn’t too much of an issue thanks to Uber and I travelled with everyone on the trip back. It worked really well for me and I found lots of cool places to take photos, even a white wall (as above) is sometimes all you need!

Here’s some more images from their day:

The Andaz Hotel
Jonathan & Stuart

How couples find and book me has always been of interest. I don’t really advertise, so mostly my bookings come via referrals from previous weddings (and that’s the biggest compliment I can get). With Jonathan and Stuart they found me through a blog post I wrote several years back about cameras. They contacted me and the rest is history.

Stuart is a Scotsman living in the USA with Jonathan and they both flew over for their wedding at the Andaz Hotel in London.

The flow of the day was different from the standard running order. There was the usual prep but then we went in for a reveal / first look before heading out to the Royal Exchange for photos pre-ceremony. This worked really well as doing so meant more time with their guests during the reception.

We also made good use of the Masonic Temple for a cool wedding party photo before dinner and the dancing that followed. The Andaz has beautiful decor in the bars and reception, it’s ever-changing and even at night offered up some excellent backdrops and colours for photos in the evening.

Here are some more images from their day:

Christ’s Church, Dulwich College
Emily & David

Emily and David’s wedding was at two places I’d never been before, Christ’s Church in Dulwich as well as Dulwich College.

The church has a unique look to it, not very churchy at all but instead a gothic imposition which is nice to look at as you approach it.
Christ's Church WeddingDavid got ready at the Half Moon Inn while Emily was at the family home with her bridesmaids before meeting up as one at the Chapel. After some photos on the grounds, we left for Dulwich College a short trip down the road where the rest of the day continued.

This wedding stood out because everyone was so close and emotionally connected. Spirits ran high, free and it was an amazing experience to have.

Here are some more photos from their day:

The Town Hall Hotel Bethnal Green
Rachel & Joshua

If you’ve never been to the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green you really should. It feels familiar even though you’ve never been there before.

In my case, it could be down to the minimalistic art deco design and period colours or maybe it’s just that I’ve been watching too much of His Dark Materials / Killing Eve / Mrs Wilson on ‘telly of late but I felt right at home here. A wonderfully honest space which still felt modern.

For Rachel and Josh wedding it all took place here, the prep, the party and the overnight stay. From a shooting perspective, every area had something new to offer with so many places to go for photos I was quite spoilt.

Here are some more images from their day:

Wedding at the Gherkin London

The Gherkin, London
Laura & David

Weddings at the Gherkin, London

I love London weddings. Logistics can sometimes be a headache but from a creative standpoint (and once you’re there) you can find things, shapes, colours and perspectives which you can’t anywhere else and the contrast between country weddings is huge and something I love to embrace.

This is Laura and David’s wedding at The Gherkin. This was a top o’ the skyscraper gig with the view of London all around us on a crystal clear September day.

I started with a brief visit to Laura and her family at the Ned by way of Threadneedle Street before heading to see David and the groomsmen at the Slug and Lettuce opposing 30 St Mary Axe / The Gherkin.

Gherkin London Ceremony area

This was my first time at the Gherkin and I was taken by the sheer scale of the tower up close; I loved all the clean lines and glass. It allowed me to see in a different way while shooting.

We were at the very top of the tower and you need to switch lifts near the top to do the final leg up. Once there, you’ll find two levels accessible by stairs. The very top being for the ceremony and dancing with the lower level acting as the dining room.

Searcy's at the Gherkin

After the ceremony we headed down and out for photos and we really didn’t need to go very far at all as there was the imposition of The Gherkin, the neutral greys of the granite beside and enough space for a lovely falloff in to the background.

Dinner was the high standard that’s known from Searcy’s and this lead to some speeches, sunset photos and the evening do.

Some weddings lift your spirits in such a way as to be uniquely memorable and this was one of them. Both on an emotional level as well as the physical, being almost 200 metres up.

Laura and David were a dream to be around, always high spirited and just 100% genuinely lovely. Special thanks goes to Laura’s mum for the G n’ T at 8pm and for the chap who bought me a Guinness early on that made me feel so included. Small gestures of kindness are never forgotten, thank you, wherever you are 😀

The Honourable Honourable Artillery Company Wedding

The Honourable Artillery Company
Joanna & Adam

I love a London wedding with Joanna and Adam’s being no exception. They chose St Dunstans Church (Stepney High Street) for their ceremony which then followed on to The Honourable Artillery Company where they had dinner upstairs in the Long Room as well as photos on the ground situated around the Artillery Garden.

This was in the middle of June so we had great weather and there was a lot of time to kick back and relax.

Here are some more images from their day:

The Old Sorting Office, London
Jess & Ali

If you cast your mind back to last Summer you’ll remember it was uh, a bit of a washout. I’m in my tenth year as a wedding photographer and up until Jess and Ali’s wedding I’d only had 1 rainy wedding!

Last summer I think I had about 7 rain filled weddings across July and August but if you’re worried about rain on your big day, Jess & Ali’s one is a shining example of why you shouldn’t let it play on your mind.

Everything took place in an around the Barnes area of London. With Jess and Ali being about 5 minutes away from each other I was able to bounce between them both before the ceremony which took place at St Mary’s Church.

We were doing ok up until the end of the ceremony when the heavens really did open but it didn’t dent anyone’s spirits. It’s not often you get a confetti throw involving brollies and it’s not often you follow an old orleans brass band 300 metres to the reception venue…in the pouring rain!

But here’s the thing. You can’t do anything about the weather and depending on who you are and what your outlook on life is you can fight it and lose or accept it’s a part of your day. Which is what everyone did.

In some ways it was the glue that helped hold things together. We were all sharing the experience and enjoying it. Jess and Ali’s reception venue was the Old Sorting Office (OSO Arts Centre). A social space with a large main room and side reception right in the middle of Barnes Green.

They had gazebo’s outside where there was ample room to shelter from the rain and because of the trees, we were able to do all the family stuff and couple shots without getting rained on (too much).

In the evening the rain did a major pullback and we were able to venture out for some more pictures and the rest of the evening kicked off spectacularly with their friends Tom and Ruben hitting the decks.

I stayed right until the end for this one, pretty much everyone was smashed, Jess threw her bouquet at the end of their exit line and I made my way home for some much needed zzzz’s after 🙂