Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography

Islington Metal Works
Rachel & Chris

Islington Metal Works WeddingTanks.

One thing I don’t see much of at weddings are Army tanks. Not that’s it’s going to be much of a surprise to anyone really. Can you imagine what it would be like if it became tradition that at the moment of the first kiss Grandma stood up in the turret wearing a lopsided helmet screaming YEE HAW! and firing a rally of missile into the air?

Yeah, it would amazing wouldn’t it?

But if the tanks won’t come to us (without ruining a lawn) then we need to go to them and it leads us to the rather kooky, 100% cool Islington Metal Works in London.

It’s such a Fab place and only 10 minutes from Islington Town Hall which is where Rachel and Chris got married.

Islington Metal Works WeddingRachel and Chris are Brits living in Australia so it was their wish to come over here and get married with all their friends and family close.

Their ceremony at Islington Town Hall was unlike any other. The rules are no religious presence anywhere which is why you don’t see traditional hymns at a registry office.

This doesn’t mean you can’t take those rules and bend the heck out of them. Queens ‘Don’t stop me now’ and Ben E Kings ‘Stand by me’ aren’t religious so we did indeed have song during the ceremony.

Afterwards we took some photos in the usual spots that Islington offers before heading off via Routemaster to Islington Metal Works.

Islington Metal Works WeddingIslington Metal Works is great because they will decorate it any way you want and everyone is quite sweet there. The freedom and the friendliness they offer you is a win in my book!

After their arrival we took some more photos, the more formal stuff and then went in to dinner where Rachel’s sister sung her speech which was hilarious.

St Barts Brewery Wedding Photography

Islington Town Hall and St Bart’s Brewery
Amy & Gavin

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

I love it when people lose the plot on a dancefloor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and you never can tell with each individual wedding I go to what’s going to happen.

Sometimes a wedding will have the ‘shuffle shuffle wave’ or the couple will dance like nobody is watching and everyone will jump in too.

Amy and Gavin’s wedding was the latter, it never really stopped from the first dance through until close!

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

Their wedding ceremony was as Islington Town Hall with their reception held at a favourite of mine, St Barts Brewery over in Smithfield.

It was November, a bit chilly, definitely windy but crisp and the sun kept saying hi! every now and again.