Hunstsham Court
Amy & Rich

Today I’m here to show you Amy and Rich’s wedding at Huntsham Court in Devon.

Grand buildings like this are always somewhat imposing, spacious and lend a sense of authenticity to the area they’re located in, when I pulled up to start I felt I was in the middle of nowhere…because I was!

This was a cosy mid-October do, everyone was in good, chilled spirits and this was a big contrast to the dancefloor later on where people lost their minds ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s some more from their day:

Woodhill Hall Wedding Photo

Woodhill Hall
Siobhan & Robin

Sparkler photo at Woodhill Hall

Here is Siobhan and Robins’ wedding at Woodhill Hall near Newcastle. I shoot weddings all over but I’m not usually this far up North, but it’s so worth the trip for the rolling countryside and laid back feel of the area. Everyone is so nice!

A detached Georgian manor house, uniquely decorated with its own prop hut so you can set the decor how you like it, lots of surrounding woodland, two day exclusive use, a fixed tipi on site…the place is crazy and for me, it was a world of photographic opportunity that I’m unable to compare it to.

Wedding party group photo at Woodhill Hall

It’s was great that both SIobhan and Robin got ready there as I could easily bounce between both of them and also get the guests arrival. They were married in the conservatory with their reception in the Elephant Garden.

We made good use of all the surroundings and there’s so much to take advantage of. A lot of the guests went for a wander in the fields and the reception area is seperate from the Tipi, so when that finished we went to a whole new space with it’s own garden for those who wanted some air during dinner.

Wedding photo in the woods at Woodhill Hall

The evening was crazy, bonkers and fun and as I was staying local I stayed later than I usually would.

I absolutely loved it there and can’t wait to go back!

Here are some more images from their day at Woodhill Hall:

Mapledurham Estate Wedding

Mapledurham Estate
Cayley & Matt

My first venture to the Mapledurham Estate was for Cayley and Matt’s wedding in August which also happened to fall on one of the sunniest days of the year. It wasn’t until the evening the we had any cloud cover. If you’d like to know what the most challenging conditions are to shoot in it’s super bright sunny days in wide open spaces!

I started with Cayley at the Great House in Sonning before heading off to meet Matt and everyone else at St. Peterโ€™s Church in Caversham. From there we all went via boat to the Mapledurham Estate where there was a open sided marquee awaiting us just outside the main house.

The Mapledurham Estate is famous for the 1976 film ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ although I didn’t realise it until I caught the film one Sunday afternoon and it’s also been the set for the Midsomer Murders and more recently the TV series Taboo with Tom Hardy.

This was a lovely day in the sun for everyone in an idyllic location, the evening turned messy thanks to a free bar but I don’t think anyone minded ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s some more images from their day:

Hampton Court House Wedding

Hampton Court House
Kimberly & Anthony

Here’s Kimberly and Anthony’s Chinese fusion wedding at Hampton Court House in June. It was a super hot and sunny day without a cloud in the sky.

I started off at the Hilton Hotel near Syon Park for prep and followed them through the rest of the day until the end.

I loved their energy, with the grounds at Hampton Court House being particularly nice as a backdrop to their photos. The hut made entirely from shells was a sight to see with the front of house was great to photograph at night.

Their first dance was in the conservatory and it has to be mentioned how pretty the ceremony area was thanks in part to the huge number of flowers.

Here are some more photos from thier awesome day:

Hexton Manor Wedding Photography

Hexton Manor
Kelly & Dan

Hexton Manor Wedding

Here we go, Kelly and Dan’s wedding at Hexton Manor.

Now you guys won’t know this so I’ll let you know now. Before every keystroke I’m in a constant battle between what I’d like to say to you, the reader and what I’d really like to say about my experience on the day. At some point there’s a battle of words in the air and something gets written down in front of me.

But personally, I loved these two. Dan, aka ‘Dj Dan Van Damage’ and Kelly are two people that if I could, I’d keep them in miniature and carry them around with me at all times.

They just love each other, completely and utterly and our friendship started off a few weeks prior during their pre wedding shoot. We just hit it off right away, they were completely open and I always knew where I was with them. Love them to bits.

Hexton Manor Wedding

Lots of things happened today, Kelly got ready at the Live and Let Die pub in Pegsdon (Nice place, recommended) and then we headed off just down the road to Hexton Manor.

Hexton Manor is a lovely country house, it’s secluded and quite kooky inside. Kelly had hoped that they could have their ceremony outside but at the very last minute it started to rain and we moved inside which was just as nice.

We still got to take photos inside and out even in the rain. Hexton Manor lends itself to being an all weather venue and they have an 8ft stuffed bear you can use too. In fact screw it, it’s a great venue for photos because you can go pretty much anywhere on the first floor to do so. I’ve shot in some country houses and you can’t always go everywhere so it’s a big plus.

Hexton Manor Wedding

Their main reception was in the marquee across from the manor and we continued the rest of the day there until close. Some of Darren’s friends were heavily into cars so we were graced with a Lambo which was a nice touch.

Nonsuch Mansion Wedding

Nonsuch Mansion
Lili-Mae & Ben

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

Summer seems so long ago now and I’m thankful I put off my blogging until the winter months so I can cast my mind back to longer days and a time before Star Wars mania had such an absolute grip on the nation. Although it has me too and there’s two seats waiting for Laura and myself at the IMAX next week because if I’m going to go to the movies I want to to see it in 70mm!

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

Here is Lili-Mae and Ben’s gorgeous August wedding at Nonsuch Mansion. I loved the nice touches and attention to detail on this day. Everything was considered and put together really well. I loved Lili-Mae’s dress and being a two piece one it was really tricky to shoot so I did the right thing and waited until it was actually on her for photo. (Sometimes you can’t win with the dress and today was such a day)!

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion
Even though the details were beautiful a wedding is nothing without the right crowd and I had just the best day with everyone. Ben was the nicest guy to be around and you can tell they were both absolutely smitten with each other.

Pennyhill Park Wedding Photography

Pennyhill Park Hotel
Eva & Ollie

Eva & Ollie

In August I was at Pennyhill Park to shoot Eva and Ollie’s wedding. It was my first time there and it’s a picturesque, sprawling hotel with some beautiful gardens, ornate features everywhere and is a perfect all in one location for a wedding.

I was lucky enough to have Ollie nearby for photos. It’s always good to get both sides of prep, even though with the guys there is less to shoot (the rings, buttonholes, pants, hairy legs etc…. as I sometimes feel the boys can be left behind. It’s their story too.

Eva & Ollie
On the brides side, Eva’s prep was a light and happy one, at least until ‘Hairspraygate’ (below)ย  where super strong hairspray was used to fix the makeup. Which is the wrong sort apparently!

I was there early enough to see the rehearsal too as we had a decent number of flower girls, ushers, bridesmaids and Pennyhill Park has a long walk down to the gazebo.
Eva & Ollie

After the ceremony we had a nice long period of time for the reception. It allowed me plenty of time to get all the shots I could possibly need as well as some cool portraits with the bridal party as well as making good use of the gardens. It was important for Eva and Ollie too as for the last few years they had both been living and working in Australia as doctors which kept them away from family and friends.

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding Photography

Oakley Hall Hotel
Kimberley & James

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding
Sometimes I get the chance to shoot for friends and I’ve known Kimberley and James from the very start of my career as a photographer. It made the day all the more special to me to be shooting for them.

I’d never been to Oakley Hall Hotel before but it has some tricks up it’s sleeve photographically. The cottage at the end of the lawn is very reminiscent of the house from the movie ‘Up!’ and the whole venue is surrounded by corn fields which at this time of year proved to be a great backdrop for the couple shots.

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding

As Kimberley and James were getting ready in the same place I could float between them to cover both sides of their story, the reception was adorned with the biggest floral decor I’ve yet seen at a wedding and it was beautifully laid out.

In the evening ‘The Deloreans’ knocked our socks off and as I now stay later into the evening where I can there was some serious moves and interpretive dance on the floor right until midnight. If you are looking for a wedding band they were one of the best I’ve seen this year. So much energy! See more of their stuff here

Oakley Hall Hotel Wedding

The dancefloor was never empty and it kept rocking all the way through until the end. It was such an epic day!

Hintlesham Hall Wedding

A Wedding at Hintlesham Hall in Essex
Emma & Sam

Hintlesham Hall WeddingHintlesham Hall was the magnificent venue for this autumnal wedding, and it proved to be the perfect setting for Emma and Sam’s big day. They’re such a lovely couple, and it was a real pleasure wandering around the hall with them.

The main building has stood on these grounds for hundred of years, initially as a relatively small manor house before growing into the grand hall it has become. Entering the property via the tree-lined driveway is simply breathtaking, and you can’t fail to be impressed once exploring the building and its wonderful gardens.

The ceremony took place in the Salon room, full to the brim with rich and elegant artwork. It was a suitably sophisticated setting for Emma and Sam and the guests really enjoyed sharing their moment in such beautiful surroundings.

The autumnal scenery made for some wonderful shots and I managed to persuade one of the guests to shake the leaves from a tree in an attempt to create a seasonal fall – however, this caused Emma and Sam to laugh rather than looking lovingly at one another!
But hey, it worked as intended ๐Ÿ™‚

Hintlesham Hall WeddingThe crisp browns and fading greens added real depth to the images and there is this gooey warmth in Autumn that not many weddings can take advantage of.

Jay, from Jay Archer Floral Design did her usual level of awesome with the bouquet and buttonholes, the purple theme really pops out against the dark foliage.

I adore the card that Emma sent Sam, but had to get my calculator out to realise 2,114 days equates to nearly six years! One glance at these images and I’m sure you can tell just how in love they are. I’m sure they’ll continue being this way for the next sixty years (which, for the record, equates to 21,900 days!).

The evening reception was a big hit, with wonderful catering and an awesome disco to boot.

Hintlesham Hall WeddingBeing deep in the Suffolk countryside means there’s little in the way of light pollution, which meant I could capture this amazing shot of the hall against an awe-inspiring starry night backdrop.
It was a pleasure to be in the company of such great people. Emma and Sam are a brilliant couple, and I’d like to wish them all the happiness in the world.

French Chateau Wedding Photography

Chateau de Reignac
Kate & Steven

Chateau de Reignac WeddingShooting a wedding abroad is always different. You’re in a foreign country, you hope the Sat Nav is correct and you get all excited over what is often your first time at a venue and what cool stuff will be there to shoot.

Until Kate and Steven’s wedding in the Loire Valley I’d not been to Chateau de Reignac, or the Loire.

One of the main observations I mentioned to my wife Laura was that it’s not a valley in the traditional sense (I had visions of standing upon high surveying the area) – but no, it’s an area of France which is full of vineyards and fields upon fields of sunflowers along the roads and beyond. It’s actually quite flat and it’s incredibly peaceful.

Chateau de Reignac WeddingKate and Steven’s wedding was a relaxed and casual affair. Kate looked stunning in her Jenny Packham dress, the detail of which was gorgeous. Steven wore a bespoke number from a tailors in Brighton and together they looked a perfect couple.

The ceremony was held in the grounds of the Chateau de Reignac. There is a Chapel adjoining the main building. To access it you need to enter from outside however you can look down into it via a balcony in the Chateau.

One thing I noticed during the day was that in France the light falls differently. It’s prettier, more warming and subtle versus the UK. Looking back on the photos we took there is a different feel to them and they embrace you more.

Chateau de Reignac WeddingAs with all international and destination weddings we stay overnight and work until late. We had exceptionally clear skies above the Chateau grounds and spent extra time shooting the stars. Which certainly paid off.

The cutting of the Croquembouche was epic. I’ve never witnessed anything like it and as the evening wound down we made our way to bed and traveled home the following day.