Hackney Round Chapel London Wedding

The Hackney Round Chapel
Becky & Andy

Hackney Round Chapel WeddingHere is Becky and Andy who were married at the Hackney Round Chapel.

I consider myself very lucky with Becky and Andy’s wedding, everything was turned up to 11 with there being so much to shoot, so much personality and pretty!

Hackney Round Chapel WeddingBecky was getting ready at their home in New Cross before I left to catch up with Andy at the Round Chapel.

Inside the chapel there’s a huge amount of space, you can fit hundreds in there and wherever I looked there was neat touches, paper cranes, flowers and lots of fairy lights, which for a photographer gives me a lot to play with as well as a huge amount of daylight that streams in through the windows too.

Becky arrived by Black cab before walking down the aisle to a patient Andy. The readings were very emotional bringing tears all round and there was a lot of love in the room between everyone.

After the ceremony we did the usual family and couple photos before heading to The Windsor Castle pub across the road for drinks and time out to allow the caterers to turn the space around for dinner and the evening do.

Hackney Round Chapel WeddingBefore the first dance Becky got changed into another outfit and burst back into the room, dancing with Andy straight away so the guests were caught off guard,  surprise and a great big dose of energy was there from the start which carried right on through until close.

Round Chapel Hackney

Hackney Picturehouse Wedding and The Hackney Round Chapel
Jojo & Joe

Hackney Round Chapel Wedding

Jojo and Joe had their ceremony at the Hackney Picturehouse in London with their reception at The Round Chapel nearby.

By all accounts it was a very cool affair and this wedding was filled with many personal touches. All the guys had different lego button holes for their suits, all the table favours were unique and everyone received a small note in a glass bottle with a personal message just for them.

Hackney Round Chapel Wedding

On arrival at the cinema there was popcorn for everyone and just before the ceremony began there was a short movie clip played before Jojo and her entourage danced down the cinema steps to meet with Joe.

Afterwards we took some pictures in the Cinema (the eclectic decor was very good for photos) and with a few formal ones on the steps of Hackney Town Hall.

From here we went to the Round Chapel where the party began. There was plenty to entertain the guests with a football table, giant Jenga, Connect 4, Air Hockey and a photo booth.

The Round Chapel is a very big space with a great, imposing upper level and there was plenty of space to move around in. After dinner the evening kicked off, lots of dancing, a bouquet toss, several cakes were cut and burritos were served.
Hackney Round Chapel Wedding

I like to be taken out of my comfort zone from time to time when shooting a wedding and there are many ways to do this. Photographing a wedding in a Cinema is one of them.

I know how to shoot in low light but working in a Cinema is something else. It’s essentially a big dark box and I had to think on my feet, manually adjusting everything as I went. The saving grace though was the massive cinema screen behind me (being white) allowed me to use it as a super duper bounce card.