Emily & Andy

I meet a lot of happy couples but there’s a special number of those who are visibly and outwardly happy the whole day; this was the case with Emily and Andy’s wedding at Farbridge.
The Scots contingent certainly helped, nothing was going to get in the way of a good time at their wedding in June and it was non stop fun and laughter the whole time.

Here’s some more of their day to see:

Stephanie & Chris

Steph and Chris’ early June wedding was a lot of fun to shoot. Chris is a Farrier so as horses are his thing there were Equine related touches throughout the day.

They were married at Farbridge and as both sides of the wedding were getting ready there I was able to capture both sides pre-ceremony quite nicely.

I loved the Gin station that was set up outside for the drinks reception, something so simple that added a fun point of interest for everyone and the weather was lovely all day, that perfect amount of haze in the sky really helped keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Here’s some more images from their summer wedding at Farbridge:

Farbridge Barn, Chichester
Laura & Matthew

Hi everyone, I’m back. 2017 has been a crazy year with so many weddings that I’ve not written up any of them until now as I needed to focus on editing. I now have some free time so will be writing up this year’s awesomeness with a view to  keep you all warm this winter. Stay tuned, but with added brrr.

Laura and Matt’s wedding in early April (I said it had been a while) at Farbridge Barns was a thoughtfully planned, colourful and detailed day. I started at Laura’s parents and was lucky to have lots of space and light to work with while Matt and the guys were getting ready at Farbridge itself. I’ll not forget how awesome Dad’s playlist was in every room as I worked, or the free cake and the company of Laura’s family dog as well as, to some extent, the goldfish. Who I named Nigel.

As soon as Laura was in her dress I made like a crazy person over to Farbridge where the final touches were being put into place and there we waited for Laura’s arrival in a VW Beetle and everyone else via Camper.

I’ve always loved the light and styling in the Farbridge ceremony area and with Laura and Matt’s additional decor it set the stage for a pretty special chain of moments that led to their first kiss as a married couple.

Confetti followed as did photos outside in a ‘it just happened to be there’ rapeseed field which injected some bursts of colour into the background.

Good times.

After dinner we had a little bit more photo time, the bouquet went into orbit and we all got ready for their first dance.

The level of detail at their wedding was immense, it complimented

Farbridge Wedding Photography

A Glorious Summer Wedding at Farbridge Barn
Katie & James

FarbridgeHere is Kate and James’ wedding at Farbridge in West Sussex.

Despite being born and raised in the UK Kate and James now live and work in Arizona so a lot of their planning was done from afar and over Skype.

You might think that organizing a wedding from that far away would be a task but the day itself was faultless everything ran smoothly and Kate and James did come back to the UK at important times to make sure everything was in order. On one of the days we went to Amberley Castle for an engagement shoot which can be seen here: https://www.chrisgilesphotography.com/blog/engagement-shoot-at-amberley-castle/


On the day we couldn’t of wished for better weather, Kate got ready at her parents home whilst James started early at Farbridge helping to ensure the venue was in order before getting ready with his groomsmen.

Farbridge Wedding

Farbridge Barn
Alison & James

Farbridge WeddingFarbridge Wedding

Meet Alison and James, this fab couple tied the knot at Farbridge in Chichester this October.

The Mill Steamer in Bosham was my starting point but everything else took place at the Barn.

There were many guests at Ali and James’s wedding and the table arranged in a horseshoe worked really well. James’s mum sourced the flowers from Covent Garden flower market (and possibly the trees too…I didn’t ask about those).

Ali and James had an Oyster bar, a projector showing past images of them together and a lot of family input throughout.

Farbridge WeddingMusicians who played all day, the sword cutting the cake was a repeat of a previous family wedding and the guys playing the Harmonicas in the evening were friends too.

With family brewed Sloe Gin as an aperitif as well.

Family is always important and this wedding really showed it. Everything was personal and a bit like ‘Having it at home’