Cuckoo Chefs at Farbridge

Farbridge Barn Wedding
Katie & Mike

Great company and amazing food made up Katie and Mike’s wedding at Farbridge Barn in West Sussex at the end of March. We’ve had an amazing start to the year, at least with the weather. Spring is in the air right now and Summer is on its way; hopefully this great weather will continue for…

Emily & Andy

I meet a lot of happy couples but there’s a special number of those who are visibly and outwardly happy the whole day; this was the case with Emily and Andy’s wedding at Farbridge. The Scots contingent certainly helped, nothing was going to get in the way of a good time at their wedding in…

Stephanie & Chris

Steph and Chris’ early June wedding was a lot of fun to shoot. Chris is a Farrier so as horses are his thing there were Equine related touches throughout the day. They were married at Farbridge and as both sides of the wedding were getting ready there I was able to capture both sides pre-ceremony…