Elmore Court
Katie & Stephen

It was great to be back at Elmore Court this August. It’s one of those venues I always feel there more to do and explore….there’s just so much there to shoot that I always get something fresh each time.

Katie and Stephen’s wedding was the reason for my return this time around and it was my first time covering both sides of prep in the main house.

The weather was fair all day, picture perfect in fact and we didn’t have to go too far for group shots and photos of them both.

Here are some more images from their day….

Elmore Court Wedding Photography

Elmore Court
Sophie & Adam

I’ve been itching to cover a wedding at Elmore Court for years and while I shoot a lot of weddings in the west country Elmore court had escaped me…until this May.

I started the day with Sophie in Quedgeley before heading off to see Adam and the guests at the Rose & Crown – with the view to follow the boys down to Nympsfield Church. Once at the church I was really impressed, it’s a typically classic english church, with a nice long walk down to the entrance and a semi isolated setting. A pretty place to be!

Once Sophie arrived with her dad, the ceremony started and after they had some down time with their guests. Then we went to leave for Elmore Court, but first, we had a bit of tradition to cover. The Lynch Gate was tied and we had to bribe the children on the other sided to be freed.

This was a new one on me, so I did some digging and the origin and ‘purpose’ of the custom, relates, from the groom’s point of view in that he has to pay ‘bride-price’ to the bride’s family, for taking their daughter away (as they were bound to hand her over with a dowry), this is a ‘final payment’ demanded by the children of the village, for losing a ‘sister’.

So there you go, smarter every day.

The church was nice but I was totally spoilt once at Elmore. Sophie and Adam couldn’t of timed their wedding date better. Everything was in full bloom, there were bluebells and the grass was freshly grown and long with masses of cow parsley to hide amongst.

Once they’d had some time with their guests we went off to these spaces for photos and I got spooked a couple of times as there were pheasants sitting in the field. I was taking the lead and every now and again one would sqwauk and flie out. Much to everyones amusement. Ha.

Cripps Barn
Amy & Lee

Cripps Barn Autumn Wedding

I’m back at Cripps Barn with Amy and Lee’s Wedding from the first week of November. I was able to jump between the two of them during prep with Amy choosing to get ready at the New Inn, with Lee at the Village Pub in Barnsley. Special mention goes to Lee’s choice of suit, I really liked it. Especially the woven tie thing, really nice.

Amy’s choice of flowers and shrug reflected the time of year nicely and as you’ll see further down, November seems to be a good time for weddings in regards the weather. It was last year, and the year before that.

Amy’s dad was from the Black country but it didn’t make a bit of difference when she joined him for the trip to the barn. I can take thousands of photos at a wedding but it’s these moments between moments that I never tire of.

Once at Cripps Barn I found Lee waiting for the ceremony to start and that they’d decorated the aisle with tall lanterns, candles above the mantlepiece and flower chandeliers hanging from the roof.

Cripps Barn Autumn Wedding

Ceremonies here are always like a big group hug and they’re lovely to be a part of. Once they’d said their vows we took full advantage of the nice weather. Something has to be mentioned about this particular time of year at Cripps Barn. It’s the leaves. They go a gorgeous amber / orange and absolutely carpet the wooded area. When the sun cuts through the leaves it’s something to behold. A true photographers dream.

You can do all the family formals with a backdrop like that (see the images below). I’ve never had bad family photos at Cripps Barn as there’s always somewhere to go but I’ve never had any quite so nice as at this wedding.

Cripps Barn Autumn Wedding

Once we’d finished, dinner kicked off the late afternoon and the woodland feel and decor continued around the tables.