West Dean Gardens and West Wittering Beach
Laura & Matt

Hot off the presses from yesterday is Laura and Matt’s pre wedding shoot.

March is a risky time of year to plan anything outside, you never know what the weather will be like and rain was forecast either side of their shoot time. Even though it wasn’t raining there was a lot of fog about.

We started off at the National Trust’s West Dean Gardens in Chichester which is a stones throw away from their wedding venue, Farbridge.

Even though spring hasn’t sprung yet there was lots of colour, shape and interesting spaces to shoot in. This was my first time there and I was really surprised by just how big the place is.

For our next location we went to West Wittering beach and this is where the sand, beach huts and the colours all came together. The fog also really added to the atmosphere of the shots and being March, the beach was really quiet so we weren’t distracted.

COuples engagement shoot in the Cotswolds

Two days in the Cotswolds
Ye Vonn & Nicholas

Cotswold Couple Shoot

Normally when I’m asked for a couples shoot they last 1-2 hours but with Ye Vonn and Nicholas their shoot was a 10 hours across two days sort of affair.

They are from and are getting married in Malaysia but beforedoing so they wanted to have some photos in the UK, namely in the cotswold area.

We started off the day before at Buckland Manor, Broadway where we made the most of the grounds and beautiful sunset. The next day we headed off to Cotswold Lavender where you can get permission to shoot amongst the gorgeous Lavender fields. We were lucky in that a week later it was going to be harvested.

We also stopped by some of the local landmarks at every opportunity and grabbed photos there as well before ending off in a village nearby to capture the spirit of the buildings.

This was a massive shoot compared to those I normally do, with make up and costume changes. There was so many photos at the end of it.

Here are a selection of my favourites from the day:

Cotswold Couple Shoot

A Couples Shoot by the Sea
Beth & Ben

Sussex couples shoot

Say hello to Beth and Ben whose wedding I’m shooting in around a months time at Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds.

They both live in Brighton though so we had a couples shoot there, under the pier, along the beach and at an orchard up the road.

Sussex couples shoot

I enjoy the exclusivity I get with a couple during a shoot. At a wedding you have a lot of distractions but when it’s just the three of us you can really focus on the couple and they can focus on each other!

Here’s some more images from their shoot!

A Couples shoot in Basingstoke

A Couple Shoot in Basingstoke
Cecilia and Tom

Engagement shoots in Basingstoke

In a garden I could only dream of owning, under the threat of rain and a strong east wind the photo gods shone down on Cecilia and Tom yesterday.

Since early morning it had been cloud, overcast and well, a bit poo until 5pm , then we were given this….

Engagement shoots in Basingstoke
Someone was looking out for us because as I’m typing this blog it’s quite predictably throwing it down out there. My dog Harvey is fed up that he can’t go out and chase cats (who let’s face it have more sense than to be waiting for him) but the upside is it gives me a chance to write up some of my work on the blog.

That’s May though, and I wouldn’t want it any differently. It’s my favourite month of the year. Everything comes to life! After the sun comes the rain, after the rain comes the sun…and so on it goes.
Engagement shoots in Basingstoke

Cecilia and Tom are blessed with a huge garden and everywhere was a canvas for great photos. I like to split up my couple shoots into two locations where possible. The intimacy of a tight frame is beautiful, but I like to venture outside where we can be swallowed up by the landscape too.

The no drama / drama thing makes for a good contrast in the images.