fitzleroir Barn Wedding Photography

Fitzleroi Barn
Emily and Mark’s vintage wedding

Fitzleroi Barn WeddingThis was a wedding with vintage touches throughout. Emily and Mark chose to have their wedding ceremony at Arundel Town Hall in the Atherley Chamber with a reception afterwards on the roof terrace.

The Atherley room is always full of light and excellent for photography and the roof terrace is always a wonderful space to work in with stunning views of Arundel Castle and the fields rolling away in the other direction.

After the reception we all went to Fitzleroi Barn in Pulborough.

Fitzleroi Barn WeddingFitzleroi Barn is a lovely venue. It’s totally self contained and away from passing traffic. Weddings held here won’t be disturbed by anyone. The courtyard is an ideal size and was perfect for Emily and Mark’s guests. Everyone had space but were within easy reach.

During this time we made use of the gardens within to cover formal photos but for Emily and Mark we went a little further towards the round bales of hay set amongst the rolling Sussex downs.

At dinner each table had a roast and one member was given carving duty (complete with chefs hat and apron). Then there were speeches, the photo booth and lots of dancing.

Fitzleroi Barn WeddingThere were many lovely touches during the day, the flowers were amazing, the centrepieces in Fitzleroi Barn were potted plants such as Lavender and Sage which also acted as table names. There was also LOTS of bunting everywhere. It was really well put together and a lovely wedding to attend.

Cripps Barn November Wedding

Cripps Barn in November
Seetal & Minesh

Cripps Barn WeddingToday I’d like to show you Seetal and Minesh’s wedding from November.

This amazing couple tied the knot at Cripps Barn, Gloucester near the start of the month.

Because of the distance I stopped overnight a few miles down the road at the Lamb Inn. It rained all night, and did so pretty hard too. When I awoke and left for the prep address, (which was Cats Abbey some 5 miles away) it was still throwing it down.

The weather forecast said it was going to be clear later and so off I went thinking it couldn’t get any worse… only to find the temperature dropped a couple of degrees and there was heavy snow for the first few hours.

Now I’m not complaining, I like snow, really I do. But I had plans, plans involving De’Loreans, Vintage Buses and smoke bombs in no particular order.

Cripps Barn WeddingEveryone got ready at Cats Abbey. A 1950’s enamel blue vintage bus was taking everyone except Minesh to Cripps Barn whilst our Groom was heading to Cripps in a Back to the Future De’Lorean.

My plan was for the De’Lorean to arrive in a cloud of smoke. I bought some Enola Gay smoke grenades from Airsoft World, (just the small ones) and the lovely Corinne at the Barn allowed me to run loose with them.

The results of which are further down, it’s nice to be creative.

So the weather was sucky until it was time to leave for the venue. Then, as if someone had thrown a switch, strong sunlight cut like a knife through the clouds and lit Seetal up just as she was boarding the bus.

We even had a little rainbow too, nice 🙂

Cripps Barn WeddingCripps is truly a great venue. It’s a photographers dream inside and out with lots of angles to bounce light from. Plenty of light fell on Seetal, Minesh and the whole wedding party due to the position of the window above them.

Cripps is very well kept, huge barbeque, a massive bonfire in the evening and small touches everywhere that when put together show just how much the owners care about the place.

It’s fab.

Farbridge Wedding

Farbridge Barn
Alison & James

Farbridge WeddingFarbridge Wedding

Meet Alison and James, this fab couple tied the knot at Farbridge in Chichester this October.

The Mill Steamer in Bosham was my starting point but everything else took place at the Barn.

There were many guests at Ali and James’s wedding and the table arranged in a horseshoe worked really well. James’s mum sourced the flowers from Covent Garden flower market (and possibly the trees too…I didn’t ask about those).

Ali and James had an Oyster bar, a projector showing past images of them together and a lot of family input throughout.

Farbridge WeddingMusicians who played all day, the sword cutting the cake was a repeat of a previous family wedding and the guys playing the Harmonicas in the evening were friends too.

With family brewed Sloe Gin as an aperitif as well.

Family is always important and this wedding really showed it. Everything was personal and a bit like ‘Having it at home’

Winkworth Farm Wedding
Hannah and Joe

Winkworth Farm WeddingWinkworth Farm

Winkworth Farm in Wiltshire played host to Hannah and Joe’s wedding in early June.

This was very vintage and boho in style with lots of personal touches everywhere.

Hannah and Joe made copious amounts of beautiful bunting and had stunning wildflowers on all the tables which complemented the ring of flowers worn in the hair of Hannah and her bridesmaids.

The farm is an all in one venue which has a courtyard barn for overnight stays and bridal preperations. The ceremony can be held in either the garden (as it was in this case) or in the main building if the weather is a bit erm…British.

Winkworth Farm WeddingDuring the ceremony there was a reading of ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ by Dr Seuss…which is an awesome thing to have, a great reading.

Afterwards we went to the lawn and gardens for Pimms and photos followed by the wedding breakfast.

I also brought the photo booth for the time between the end of the speeches and first dance which went down really well.

There was the unexpected consequence of sword fights between the younger members taking place behind me though!

Winkworth Farm WeddingAltogether it was a fantastic day. There were lots of great places to go to for photos and the Farm is very well run.

Bassmead Manor Barn Wedding

Bassmead Manor Barn
Kate & Andy

September the 17th last year was the wonderful wedding of Kate and Andy in Cambridge.

This was an all day event for me, starting at the home of Kate’s parents and then moving onto The Registry office in Ely (The Old School House in Market Street).

Since booking me they found out that they were expecting!

Because of this Kate wore flat shoes and she said they might not be worth using for photos as they were a bit boring,…. sure thing…..

The weather on the day was really changeable, that sunny but ‘could really chuck it down any time’ sort of weather!