Pangdean Barn Wedding Photography

Pyecombe Village Church and Pangdean Barn
Charlotte and Nick

Pangdean Barn WeddingOne of the biggest plus points of my job is being able to make friends with the couples I shoot. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time but a wedding becomes more personal when it does. It’s exciting to meet ‘your couple’ for the first time and a bit of a buzz when you ring their doorbell or see them across a noisy coffee shop.

You know you’re about to go on a journey with someone, you have no idea where it’s going to take you or what it’s going to be like…but you’ve a good idea already that it’ll be a blast and a time you’ll hold dear.
Here is Charlotte and Nick, they live in Haywards Heath but the wedding was at Pyecombe Village Church, Sussex and their reception was close by at Pangdean Barn.

Pangdean Barn WeddingNick got ready at home while Charlotte was at the family home near the church. Because of the close proximity to everything they walked to the church with the guys meeting up at the Plough at the bottom of church lane.

My wife, soulmate and second photographer Laura was with the guys, Pete (the videographer) and I was with the girls and we followed them on to the ceremony.

Pangdean Barn WeddingPyecombe church is pretty special inside, well lit and cosy. A cute church and one which matched Charlotte and Nick. It was personal.

Kingscote Barn Winter Wedding

Kingscote Barn in December
Caroline & David

Kingscote Barn Wedding

I’ve a thing about shooting in the Cotswolds. I like the area, the landscape and the sleepiness of the surroundings. I’m finding myself shooting more and more weddings here. I’ll shoot anywhere, but for some reason I get pulled this way a lot.

The last time I was at Kingscote Barn was for a September wedding. This time though it was for Caroline and David’s wedding in the last week of December.

I started off at a cottage where Caroline was staying before leaving for Kingscote. She wasn’t too far away, maybe ten minutes. So after some time there I got ahead and said hello to the boys who were decorating the venue. I’ve heard good things about the fairy light chandelier in the barn but hadn’t seen it until today and it looked lovely. Being so soon after Christmas there was the high spirited ambiance remaining and inside the barn it felt all cosy. You were welcomed in, it felt special.
Kingscote Barn Wedding

The guys got ready in one of the rooms at Kingscote and there was lots of space for them to do so. It was almost like a studio flat inside and at the opposing end, in an other room Caroline put her dress on, as well as her last bits of makeup.

There were lots of things that made this day special, the fairy light chandelier, the home made pine cone bouquets, a seasonal sweet table made of traditional German gingerbread, bubble confetti, a caricaturist and a salutation to Scottish heritage by wearing the kilts to name just a few things.
Kingscote Barn Wedding
But mostly it was the people there that made the day. When I first saw David in the morning he gave me an uncompromising hug. As someone who can judge character on the quality of their hug, that’s a great and welcoming sign. I’d not met either of them before this day but I knew where I was, who I was working for and how to give them the best I could. When couples are this open it’s easy to shoot for them.

It was like this all day and everyone was so lovely to be around. It was sunny all day and when the sun went down it was freezing, the dance floor was packed always and some serious moves were made.

Cripps Barn at Halloween
Laura & Stuart

Cripps BarnOctober 31st is usually known for the celebration of Halloween, but this year it also became a very special day for Laura and Stuart, who married in the picturesque venue of Cripps Barn, Cirencester.

Cripps Barn is a gorgeous 18th century Cotswold Stone Barn, hidden amongst the breathtaking countryside of Gloucestershire. The grounds at Cripps Barn are spectacular at this time of year with the autumnal colours of orange, yellow and green surrounding them.

Laura looked sensational in a vintage-styled sleeveless two piece wedding dress, delicate vintage veil and flower headband, while Stuart mirrored the essence of the season with a brown, tweed three-piece suit. All bridesmaids, pageboys and flower girls were dressed in shades of purple, complementing both the flowers and the decorations perfectly.

Cripps BarnLaura started her day at Swinbrook Cottage in Oxon, which is a lovely space to get ready in.

Stuart was awaiting Laura in the barn, which was beautifully decorated for the ceremony, with flower baskets draped from the wooden beams, tall plants entwined with delicate lighting, and the candle-heavy stone fireplace; it was an amorously adorned scene for such an important part of their day.

There were Pumpkins scattered around the venue to keep the Halloween theme consistent throughout. Their ceremony was sweet and included some readings which led them to their ‘I do’s’ and first kiss.

Afterwards, once outside we took advantage of the new decking outside for a group shot and then we went into the woodland for their couple shots. Because of the time of year the sun was low and the colours really added to their photos.


Cripps BarnThis then led on to dinner. Cripps Barn is well known for

Firle Place Wedding Photography

Firle Church and Firle Place
Kate & Christian

Firle Place WeddingOriginally built in Tudor times, and transformed in the eighteenth century, Firle Place in Lewes is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the South Downs. It made the perfect setting for Kate, who’s British, and American Christian’s English country wedding – giving one Trans-Atlantic romance the perfect happy ever after!

Kate looked stunning, relaxed and radiant in an unfussy full-length white sleeveless gown, while her four bridesmaids wore similar dresses in midnight blue and two of the younger members of the bridal party were adorable in white dresses with blue sashes.

The surrounding countryside made for a dramatic, romantic background to some of the images of the happy couple under a big sky. Kate grew up locally so one thing she really wanted to do was go up to the Firle Beacon and have photos up there. After the ceremony at Firle Church we headed up to the Beacon straight away and caught some beautiful moments.

Firle Place WeddingThere’s a Georgian Riding School in the grounds of Firle House, but Kate posed with a couple of her own horses. Christian, in his top hat, joined them too!

There were also some good backdrops provided by the many surrounding trees, while the beautiful 13th Century St Peter’s Church where the ceremony took place, and the local village, were also full of interest.

Some guests traveled to the reception in an old Routemaster bus, while the new Mr and Mrs arrived in style in an open carriage.

Firle Place WeddingAs ever, I wanted to capture every second of the day, from the bridesmaids getting ready and chatting over cups of tea in the morning, through to the speeches and dancing in the evening.
Kate and Christian’s reception room at Firle Place really did look incredible, with a glitterball, large chessboard floor and huge white drapes hung hammock-style from the impressive raftered ceiling.

Gaynes Park Wedding Photography

Gaynes Park
Anna & Ben

Gaynes Park Wedding

Set against the backdrop of the parkland and farmland surrounding a historic country estate, Gaynes Park made a stunning stage for Anna and Ben’s wedding when they married at the modern barn-style venue in Epping, Essex. In such an idyllic location, it was hard to believe the motorway, Central Line and London itself were all within striking distance!

With a walled garden, an orangery and two barns, the stylish and imaginatively refurbished rural spot was also a gift for me as their photographer. The oak raftered roof of the barn the celebration was held in also provided a great background – this was the Mill Barn, with its mezzanine floor and gallery.

Gaynes Park WeddingThe joy of the day was obvious for everyone to see: while most people smile for the photographers at these occasions, in this case the wide grins really were natural and unforced.

Anna was already beaming as she sat in her rollers having her make-up done, and she didn’t seem to stopped smiling all day!

Her dress was a full-length sleeveless gown with a sweetheart neckline set off by a string of pearls, while her new husband Ben went for a smart three-piece suit rather than the more formal morning attire of top hats and tails.

Gaynes Park WeddingAs usual, a good mix of formal and informal shots makes for a good record of the big day, and Ben and Anna looked particularly happy and romantic photographed against the night sky and set against the flowers and long grass of the walled garden in glorious sunshine.

We captured plenty of lighter moments alongside the official portraits recording their day, like the one of a toddler “telling off” a grown up, and some of the day’s many laughs and hugs. There were also chances to catch close-ups of the details that tell their story  – from the canapés and buttonholes of Ben’s best man and ushers, to the bridesmaids’ dresses hanging from a tree and the festoon lights.

We captured the guests in a variety of posed and very informal shots throughout the day – and they clearly loved every second of Anna and Ben’s wedding as much as the couple themselves did.

Surrey Barn Wedding Photography

Norwood Place Barn
Catherine & Alex

Barn Wedding PhotographyThere’s only so much a photographer can do at a wedding. I’ve often said to couples ‘You make the photos, I take them’ which has quite a ring of truth to it.

This is because as photographers we can’t force people into a photo. We can’t make the sun shine and we can’t decorate a venue to look greater than it is.

What we can do though is make the best from what we are given and if presented with two people very much in love ( who aren’t afraid to show it), a venue with character and grounds which sing at all hours of the day then boy can we deliver…and then some.

Barn Wedding PhotographyWelcome to Norwood Place Barn.

Norwood Place Barn is set way off the beaten track and full of charm.

They only host a few weddings a year and there is a lake opposite  with huge willow trees all around and within the bounds of the lake, across a bridge, there’s a little island with tall grasses and haunting woodland. Perfect for sunset photos.

Catherine and Alex were married at St Bartholomews church just down the road from the venue and it was one of the hottest days of the year too so everyone was outside enjoying the entertainment.

Barn Wedding PhotographyThe attention to detail inside, the table decor and flowers was beautiful. For me this was a barn wedding to beat all barn weddings before it.

South Farm Wedding Photography

A Wedding at South Farm, Royston
Hazel & Ashley

South Farm RoystonWhen I was really young I used to be that kid who’d be dragged around flea markets and antique shops looking at well loved teddy bears with bits of stuffing hanging out of them, old records and monkey moneyboxes.

I remember that everywhere I looked there was something new, something interesting and cool.

South Farm RoystonWhen I was thinking about what to say of Hazel and Ashley’s wedding at South Farm this year that is what my mind cast back to. The level of detail, the things to see and to do reminded me of that time. This was further bolstered by the way South Farm is laid out, the Gypsy caravans , the Piglets, the sculptures and the gardens turned their wedding into a Photographers playground.

I was wandering around in awe saying to myself ‘This is beautiful’.

South Farm RoystonAfter their church ceremony, Hazel and Ashley went to South Farm for a blessing and their reception.

In the evening there were sparklers and we commandeered the Gypsy caravans for an epic shot involving 5 remote flashes 4 smoke bombs and two people in love.

Old Luxters Barn Wedding

Old Luxters Barn
Rachel & Joseph

Old Luxters Barn Summer WeddingThe last time (and the first time) I was at Old Luxters Barn it was in March and because it was cold and a little muddy we didn’t have the freedom to go to the vineyard or the woods across the road.

This time though things were different, here is Rachel and Joseph’s wedding.

Old Luxters Barn is an excellent venue whatever the weather, beautifully decorated and ambient inside it serves as a homely and welcoming place.

Old Luxters Barn Summer WeddingRachel and Joeseph used the cottage opposite to get ready in and everything took place here.

It was also nice to be working with Jay Archer again who was responsible for all the flowers, votives and table decor on the day. Jay is a rarity in that she sticks around for a good portion of the wedding rather than dropping off the flowers and leaving first thing. It’s good to have her onboard.

Old Luxters Barn Summer WeddingAs favors Joe brewed his own beer called ‘Hoppily Ever After’ and showed some images of the process from start to finish. It was strong stuff!

Farbridge Wedding Photography

A Glorious Summer Wedding at Farbridge Barn
Katie & James

FarbridgeHere is Kate and James’ wedding at Farbridge in West Sussex.

Despite being born and raised in the UK Kate and James now live and work in Arizona so a lot of their planning was done from afar and over Skype.

You might think that organizing a wedding from that far away would be a task but the day itself was faultless everything ran smoothly and Kate and James did come back to the UK at important times to make sure everything was in order. On one of the days we went to Amberley Castle for an engagement shoot which can be seen here:


On the day we couldn’t of wished for better weather, Kate got ready at her parents home whilst James started early at Farbridge helping to ensure the venue was in order before getting ready with his groomsmen.

Kingscote Barn Wedding

Kingscote Barn
Sarah & Adam

Kingscote Barn WeddingAnd so I’ve arrived at Kingscote Barn.

Kingscote has been on my wedding venue wannabe hit list for some time now. A change of scenery for me and somewhere new to get creative. I’ve known Adam since we met at a catwalk show some years ago and we caught up again on a mini engagement shoot a few weeks before the wedding day.

Adam is an accomplished photographer himself so it was quite flattering, albeit slightly daunting to shoot for someone else in the same profession….I don’t know why, I guess it just is!

Kingscote Barn WeddingThe decorations, table layouts, flowers and food on the day were quite honestly some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve really not seen much better, not in combination like this.

THIS was the place to be on Sunday the 22nd of September this year and if you weren’t here, I feel for you, really, I do.

A successful wedding isn’t just made up out of a great venue and supporting staff. It’s primarily about the people attending. (Although special mention goes to LA Wedding and Event Styling , Strawberry Field catering and Sorori Design Florist for being just cracking to work with… if you’re reading this, you guys were so nice to me, thank you. It’s really nice when people consider me).

Kingscote Barn WeddingThis was a wedding full of actors, performers, singers and sheep. So everything was in place for a kicking wedding, which it was. Make no mistake about it THIS was the place to be on Sunday the 22nd of September this year and if you weren’t here, I feel for you, really, I do.