Cripps Barn Wedding Photography

St Peter’s Church Cirencester & Cripps Barn
Karina & Joe

Cripps Barn Wedding

Karina and Joe’s wedding at Cripps Barn in September was just a lovely wedding to shoot.

I had everything I needed, they both got ready next door to each other so I could cover everyone equall, inside the church the vicar was super cool and I had absolute free reign to go anywhere (and that means a lot), their reception was at Cripps Barn and it’s just gorgeous there and the dancefloor was packed all night.

What’s not to love?

What I will add is that all this meant nothing without these two and the way they were. I felt totally and utterly connected to this wedding as if I’d known them for years and I felt as equally wrapped up in the wedding as the guests were.

Sure, I connect with every couple, it’s almost as important to have that ability as it is to take photos. But every now and again you get something more out of the day and even now, looking back, I’m still romancing this particular wedding.

I just can’t explain it.

We had a lot of opportunities for photos as the weather was just so nice but it’s to be expected of September and in the evening the full moon was out for us too.

Upwaltham Barns Wedding in the rain

Upwaltham Barns
Kelly & Mike

Upwaltham Barns WeddingHere is Kelly and Mike’s wedding from late March at Upwaltham Barns.

It was the time of year when you never know what the weather is going to do and fortunately the Barns lend themselves well to this and also for photos if it does eventually rain like above!

Kelly got ready with the girls up the road at Hollandsfield Lodge before finishing prep at the Jasmine cottage on site with their ceremony following shortly after.

We had some fun afterwards and made use of the grounds for photos and I stayed late to get as much of the evening do as possible. I’ve found that after about 9pm things start to get a little crazy on any dancefloor, that extra vodka, the ‘surprise Jagerbomb’ always seems to have a positive effect on the crowd……

Upwaltham Barns WeddingI was gone by about 11:30 and was really happy that once again I’d been able to rock out at Upwaltham Barns. Here’s some more photos from Kelly and Mike’s wedding day:

Swallows Nest Barn

Swallows Nest Barn
Jen & Tim

Swallows Nest Barn WeddingSometimes when I’m asked to shoot a wedding there are so many miles between us that the only realistic way to meet is via an online meeting application like Skype. It’s no replacement for a true face to face though and a bit like how some people don’t like leaving answerphone messages the whole experience can be a bit awkward. I still struggle but so long as I have a good connection Skype isn’t that bad. I find Facetime really unpleasant experience though, I had a meet with a couple in New Zealand via Facetime and it was like being in the 90’s again with a seven second delay.

With Jen and Tim I didn’t see them in person until the wedding day itself so I didn’t quite know what to expect but often the nervous anticipation can actually help me to do a really great job, almost as if it focuses me more.

Jen got ready at her parents and during makeup, Dad was in the garden watering the plants. A common morning past time for Dads to do on the morning of a wedding.

The whole wedding was taking place at the Swallows Nest Barn in Sherbourne, Warwickshire. Their wedding was on the last weekend of May (I love May weddings) and the weather was gorgeous.

Swallows Next Barn WeddingInside the Barn it’s split into two distinct areas, the ceremony area that’s turned around for dinner and then a glass fronted reception and dancefloor area. There was around 100 guests seated and waiting alongside Tim for Jen to arrive and after a lovely walk down the aisle they said their ‘I do’s’ and we went outside for some drinks, Fuzzball and Table Tennis.

While their guests were entertaining themselves we headed off to make use of the grounds.

So here is the big strength of Swallows Nest Barn, the grounds. You can leave the main area and use it for photos. At this time of year we struck gold. There was the rapeseed field, the walk to the stream, the log nestled in amongst the buttercups, the standing in the stream and the white blossom still in the trees by the bridge. I’ve already said I love May right?

It helped that I had such a lively couple, warm and open but also comfortable in their own company and not afraid to show it. I usually get the best from couples regardless but these two were effortless (and didn’t mind getting their feet wet)!

Swallows Next Barn WeddingOn the way back to everyone we stopped in another field with some young green corn growing. After we used the manacured garden area for the more traditional formal photos. Dinner came next and their guests not only had a sweepstake placed on the length of their speeches but also had adopted the US style tapping of their wine glasses to encourage the couple to kiss.

Old Kent Barn Wedding

The Old Kent Barn
Sarah & Adam


Here is Sarah and Adam’s wedding at Barham Church and the Old Kent Barn. They chose September as their month and we struck gold with a beautiful Indian Summer day!

This was my first time at the Old Kent Barn and while I was covering the prep Laura was with the guys down the road before we all went to the church.

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography

This was a long day for us as we were there until the end with an epic sparkler line and some cool night shots to finish the day. Even after the msuic stopped the guests were still singing in place of the DJ!

Old Kent Barn Wedding Photography

Here are some more images from their day at the Old Kent Barn:

Winkworth Farm Wedding Photography

Winkworth Farm
Amy & Karl

Winkworth Farm Wedding
Welcome to Amy and Karl’s wedding at Winkworth Farm in Malmesbury.

I love this part of the country. Often I’m caught up in home counties but I do have a soft spot for heading further west and like to do so whenever I can.

Amy got ready at the family home just a few minutes away from All Saints Church in Garsdon. It’s in the middle of the countryside with fields all around and Amy’s father and Karl renewed the driveway leading up to the church especially for the wedding. It really made it stand out, like a new church!

Special mention also has to go to the vicars who held the ceremony who were quite frankly, amazing.

Ordinarily churches have rules regarding photography and I’m limited in what I can do, where I can be and what I can shoot. In some cases I’m not even allowed to shoot the ceremony itself and if I can it’s often only from the back of the church making it difficult to get a decent aspect.

In this case though, you know you’re on good ground when the vicar is walking around with a selfie stick taking their own photos. That’s material for me. both myself and for Ben from Foster Films. We didn’t expect to see something like that in our lifetime based on our past wedding experiences!

Winkworth Farm WeddingAmy and Karl’s wedding was at the end of May and looking at the weather outside right now (I’m typing this in June) anyone getting married in late April and May made a smart move! The weather was a bit hit and miss but…… changeable is good for photos most of the time!

Upwaltham Barns
Elizabeth & James

Upwaltham Barns
Lizzie is a self confessed flower addict. She loves them to bits and as a result there was a huge floral presence at Upwaltham Barns for her and James’ wedding. Pastel bouquets, headbands and wall decor was everywhere along with a decent amount of homespun touches everywhere.

Everything took place here, from the prep to the ceremony and reception and that is a big strength of Upwaltham, you don’t lose any of your day moving between venues…time passes quickly on a wedding day.

Upwaltham BarnsInside the main barn was colourful, the bunting lowered the ceiling nicely to make dinner more cosy and after speeches we headed off for some more photos as the sun was setting.

Upwaltham Barns

I stayed until midnight for their wedding and it was a packed dancefloor all night! They also had video from Anneka Ireland and their highlight clip is below along with more photos from their day.

Southend Barns Wedding Photography

Southend Barns
Hayley & James

Southend Barns WeddingYou know how sometimes you’ll go somewhere new and yet feel totally at ease with your surroundings? Well this was the case with me on my first outing to Southend Barns.

I know what it was too. It’s a welcoming space, the ceremony area is so very honest and calming and they have Alpacas out the back.

Southend Barns WeddingAlpacas! And cow wallpaper in the loos. I mean c’mon, that’s cool.
So yes, this was my first time here to shoot the wedding of Hayley and James, both are in the airline industry so there were little reminders of this every now and again in the venue with a less subtle bi-plane flyover after the ceremony for us to all enjoy!

One of the beautiful things about Southend Barns is the length of the aisle Hayley walked down. It really felt like a true aisle walk!

Southend Barns WeddingIt was a beautiful and warm day, not too hot and the sun was sweet to us late in the afternoon. We went over to some cornfields for pictures after dinner before the evening kicked off spectacularly, I didn’t want to leave and stayed until the end.

I’m finding that staying later has it’s benefits with every wedding I shoot. People really let themselves go and I have more time to do some of the more experimental types of photography.

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photography

Lillibrooke Manor
Cecilia & Tom

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

Here is Cecilia and Tom’s wedding at Lillibrooke Manor, Maidenhead.

Their wedding day had quite a few traditional Chinese touches spread around the venue. Cecilia’s brother put together a cake and sweet table (which looked REALLY good) and one of their friends gave the most slapstick reading of Dr Seuss’s ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ with full on arm movements and tonality – It was a scream to watch.
Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

The day started for me at Cecilia’s parents and then we all made our way to where Tom was waiting at Lillibrooke Manor.

The ceremony Barn was nicely decorated with cartwheels on the walls holding lots of flowers and after the formalities we went outside into the sun for some photos and their drinks reception.

Their invites were based around Penguin Books in design and Cecilia’s love of Festoon lights was clear with how many were decorating the inside of the main barn.
Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

After dinner we scooted off to the adjacent field where there were some poppies growing for a few second stage photos (I like to split the couple shots into two smaller stages across the day) and these worked out really well. The weather and light was kind to us too.

House Meadow Wedding Photography

The House Meadow
Charlotte & Sebastian

House Meadow Wedding

It just doesn’t want to stop raining does it? (Happy new year by the way), it’s total freakish weather right now and it all feels a bit angry out there.

So, let’s glance back at July when it was much nicer and we can drift into Charlotte and Sebastian’s wedding at The House Meadow in Biddenden.

Their wedding was a totally relaxed one with horseshoe throwing, a Coconut shy, swingball (YES!) and various other distractions for everyone to take part in.

House Meadow Wedding

I started the day at theirs with everyone getting ready and then headed off to the House Meadow there Sebastian was waiting. Once arrived the girls walked from the Horseshoe Barn past the meadow and up to the Gazebo where the ceremony took place.

I loved the seating arrangement here for some reason (see pics) maybe because it was different to most weddings or that it filled the frame well for photos but after the ceremony we walked over to the trees by the lake for popcorn and Pimms.
House Meadow Wedding

With dinner in the main barn Charlotte’s fondness of Tea showed in the vintage crockery and I did my best to make sure Sebastian’s love of Lego featured somewhere too.

Dinner was a lot like an open picnic on each table where everyone helped themselves and it was just, well, lovely really. You felt cosy, comfortable and welcome here.

Loudwater Farm Wedding

Loudwater Farm
Laura & James

This was my first wedding at Loudwater Farm in Rickmansworth and was the idillic setting for Laura and James’ wedding in May.

It was a lovely warm and sunny day, I started super early wih Laura for prep before heading to Rickmansworth Church where James was waiting.

A lot of the guests arrived via a single decker classic red bus which also took them to Loudwater Farm.

After the I’do’s we headed to the reception and made full use of the grounds. At this time of year everything was in bloom and downright pretty. You’ve the rustic charm of the barn, the river (which is shallow, but very cold) and the trees, ornate hedging and grasses in the backgrond. It’s perfect. The bridge was a lovely spot in particular!