Lillibrooke Manor Wedding Photography

Lillibrooke Manor
Cecilia & Tom

Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

Here is Cecilia and Tom’s wedding at Lillibrooke Manor, Maidenhead.

Their wedding day had quite a few traditional Chinese touches spread around the venue. Cecilia’s brother put together a cake and sweet table (which looked REALLY good) and one of their friends gave the most slapstick reading of Dr Seuss’s ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ with full on arm movements and tonality – It was a scream to watch.
Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

The day started for me at Cecilia’s parents and then we all made our way to where Tom was waiting at Lillibrooke Manor.

The ceremony Barn was nicely decorated with cartwheels on the walls holding lots of flowers and after the formalities we went outside into the sun for some photos and their drinks reception.

Their invites were based around Penguin Books in design and Cecilia’s love of Festoon lights was clear with how many were decorating the inside of the main barn.
Lillibrooke Manor Wedding

After dinner we scooted off to the adjacent field where there were some poppies growing for a few second stage photos (I like to split the couple shots into two smaller stages across the day) and these worked out really well. The weather and light was kind to us too.

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Hampton Court House Wedding

Hampton Court House
Kimberly & Anthony

Here’s Kimberly and Anthony’s Chinese fusion wedding at Hampton Court House in June. It was a super hot and sunny day without a cloud in the sky.

I started off at the Hilton Hotel near Syon Park for prep and followed them through the rest of the day until the end.

I loved their energy, with the grounds at Hampton Court House being particularly nice as a backdrop to their photos. The hut made entirely from shells was a sight to see with the front of house was great to photograph at night.

Their first dance was in the conservatory and it has to be mentioned how pretty the ceremony area was thanks in part to the huge number of flowers.

Here are some more photos from thier awesome day:

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Kent Village Wedding Photography

A Church and Yurt Wedding with A Bell Tent Village, Rickshaw…
Laura & Dave

Yurt and Tipi WeddingHere is Laura and Dave from late September, a visual treat if ever there was one.

Starting at the family home I found that there was not just a yurt for the evening but an entire village of bell tents for the guests. I’ve never seen anything like it and doubt I will again, at least not for a while anyway!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to be like this. Part of what I do is to get an impression of what the day will be like in advance of the wedding so I can sleep on what I ‘ve found out and build an image of the day with rough expectations of things to come. This one though, was beyond my imagination.

All the boxes were ticked, gorgeous weather, wonderful family, huge attention to detail with personal handmade touches everywhere.

Yurt and Tipi WeddingLaura arrived at Marden church by Rickshaw, (as you do) and after the ceremony we all headed back to Laura’s parents for the reception.

When we got back the Routemaster bus and Rickshaw were used for photos so we could go right in and party. Guests were playing games, using the Space Hoppers and generally enjoying themselves in the time leading up to dinner in the Yurt.

Yurt and Tipi WeddingSpeeches came first and dinner marked the start of a gradual slope upwards into insanity on the dancefloor.

We took some more photos at sunset and almost lost Laura head first into a ditch after a badly calculated lift but we survived and all that remained was a MASSIVE party.

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St Barts Brewery Wedding Photography

Islington Town Hall and St Bart’s Brewery
Amy & Gavin

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

I love it when people lose the plot on a dancefloor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t and you never can tell with each individual wedding I go to what’s going to happen.

Sometimes a wedding will have the ‘shuffle shuffle wave’ or the couple will dance like nobody is watching and everyone will jump in too.

Amy and Gavin’s wedding was the latter, it never really stopped from the first dance through until close!

Islington Town Hall St Bart Brewery Wedding

Their wedding ceremony was as Islington Town Hall with their reception held at a favourite of mine, St Barts Brewery over in Smithfield.

It was November, a bit chilly, definitely windy but crisp and the sun kept saying hi! every now and again.

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Hexton Manor Wedding Photography

Hexton Manor
Kelly & Dan

Hexton Manor Wedding

Here we go, Kelly and Dan’s wedding at Hexton Manor.

Now you guys won’t know this so I’ll let you know now. Before every keystroke I’m in a constant battle between what I’d like to say to you, the reader and what I’d really like to say about my experience on the day. At some point there’s a battle of words in the air and something gets written down in front of me.

But personally, I loved these two. Dan, aka ‘Dj Dan Van Damage’ and Kelly are two people that if I could, I’d keep them in miniature and carry them around with me at all times.

They just love each other, completely and utterly and our friendship started off a few weeks prior during their pre wedding shoot. We just hit it off right away, they were completely open and I always knew where I was with them. Love them to bits.

Hexton Manor Wedding

Lots of things happened today, Kelly got ready at the Live and Let Die pub in Pegsdon (Nice place, recommended) and then we headed off just down the road to Hexton Manor.

Hexton Manor is a lovely country house, it’s secluded and quite kooky inside. Kelly had hoped that they could have their ceremony outside but at the very last minute it started to rain and we moved inside which was just as nice.

We still got to take photos inside and out even in the rain. Hexton Manor lends itself to being an all weather venue and they have an 8ft stuffed bear you can use too. In fact screw it, it’s a great venue for photos because you can go pretty much anywhere on the first floor to do so. I’ve shot in some country houses and you can’t always go everywhere so it’s a big plus.

Hexton Manor Wedding

Their main reception was in the marquee across from the manor and we continued the rest of the day there until close. Some of Darren’s friends were heavily into cars so we were graced with a Lambo which was a nice touch.

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House Meadow Wedding Photography

The House Meadow
Charlotte & Sebastian

House Meadow Wedding

It just doesn’t want to stop raining does it? (Happy new year by the way), it’s total freakish weather right now and it all feels a bit angry out there.

So, let’s glance back at July when it was much nicer and we can drift into Charlotte and Sebastian’s wedding at The House Meadow in Biddenden.

Their wedding was a totally relaxed one with horseshoe throwing, a Coconut shy, swingball (YES!) and various other distractions for everyone to take part in.

House Meadow Wedding

I started the day at theirs with everyone getting ready and then headed off to the House Meadow there Sebastian was waiting. Once arrived the girls walked from the Horseshoe Barn past the meadow and up to the Gazebo where the ceremony took place.

I loved the seating arrangement here for some reason (see pics) maybe because it was different to most weddings or that it filled the frame well for photos but after the ceremony we walked over to the trees by the lake for popcorn and Pimms.
House Meadow Wedding

With dinner in the main barn Charlotte’s fondness of Tea showed in the vintage crockery and I did my best to make sure Sebastian’s love of Lego featured somewhere too.

Dinner was a lot like an open picnic on each table where everyone helped themselves and it was just, well, lovely really. You felt cosy, comfortable and welcome here.

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Wiltons Music Hall Wedding Photography

Wiltons Music Hall
Laila & Chris

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

I love weddings that are off the beaten track and challenging. When I get them I tend to run off the adrenaline and let go of the reigns to see where the day takes me. Laila and Chris’s wedding at Wilton’s Music hall was the perfect example of this.
Wiltons Music Hall Wedding
So colourful was this day and so spoilt for choice with details was I that I never ran out of things to shoot. From the bubble machine welcoming you, the Pinata that was used for receiving cards from the guests, the Pink Flamingo’s, the face masks on the tables, the US sweets on the candy bar that were there one minute and gone the next to the eclectic collection of balloons at the end of the aisle… this was no ordinary wedding.

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

Because we were in central London a lot of the more formal photos were taken indoors yet this wasn’t a bad thing and the resulting photos lent themselves really well to the urban feel of Wiltons Music Hall.

The wedding at Wiltons finished at around 7pm but the celebrations continued until late a short walk down the road at Simmons Bar on Royal Mint Street. The party was still going when I left!

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Nonsuch Mansion Wedding

Nonsuch Mansion
Lili-Mae & Ben

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

Summer seems so long ago now and I’m thankful I put off my blogging until the winter months so I can cast my mind back to longer days and a time before Star Wars mania had such an absolute grip on the nation. Although it has me too and there’s two seats waiting for Laura and myself at the IMAX next week because if I’m going to go to the movies I want to to see it in 70mm!

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion

Here is Lili-Mae and Ben’s gorgeous August wedding at Nonsuch Mansion. I loved the nice touches and attention to detail on this day. Everything was considered and put together really well. I loved Lili-Mae’s dress and being a two piece one it was really tricky to shoot so I did the right thing and waited until it was actually on her for photo. (Sometimes you can’t win with the dress and today was such a day)!

A Wedding at Nonsuch Mansion
Even though the details were beautiful a wedding is nothing without the right crowd and I had just the best day with everyone. Ben was the nicest guy to be around and you can tell they were both absolutely smitten with each other.

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Loudwater Farm Wedding

Loudwater Farm
Laura & James

This was my first wedding at Loudwater Farm in Rickmansworth and was the idillic setting for Laura and James’ wedding in May.

It was a lovely warm and sunny day, I started super early wih Laura for prep before heading to Rickmansworth Church where James was waiting.

A lot of the guests arrived via a single decker classic red bus which also took them to Loudwater Farm.

After the I’do’s we headed to the reception and made full use of the grounds. At this time of year everything was in bloom and downright pretty. You’ve the rustic charm of the barn, the river (which is shallow, but very cold) and the trees, ornate hedging and grasses in the backgrond. It’s perfect. The bridge was a lovely spot in particular!

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Iceland travel tips for photographers

Photographing Iceland
One Photographers big trip around the Island

Welcome to Iceland

Welcome, to my several years in the making, rough guide to traveling, camping and shooting in Iceland. It’s by no means comprehensive but it covers my experiences and thoughts so far.

This sprawling country of black and white. This brutal, unforgiving country. This land of absolute and complete solitude. There is nowhere quite as beautiful, bewitching or humbling as Iceland.

Jokulsarlen Iceberg LagoonThis post covers a photographic journey that started a few years ago when I first discovered this land of fire and ice. I wanted a quick break, some time away and a little solitude. What I found took my breath away. With all the snow, I found myself looking at an alien landscape, windswept and archaic but immensely beautiful at the same time.

'The Chocolate Brownie' - Part of the Peninsula near GrindavikOn my first trip I arrived in late November, collected my car from Keflavik Airport and headed to the apartment in Reykjavik (I used Apartment K) and settled down for the night before my drive to Vik beach the next day.

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